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Fwd: [NYRAD] response to Annie Lenihan

I strongly agree with Annie, SimplyWitness, Kim, and Mary.
(and also Kevin!!)

We hold these truths to be self evident that
ALL PERSONS are created equal
under the law

and were endowed by their Creator
with certain unalienable rights,
such as the Life, Liberty, and
The right to seek Happiness,
the right to clean air and clean water to drink
This applies to ALL PERSONS / ALL BEINGS

What's with this class thing?

"Two types of people,
Some who deserve to be protected,
And some who deserve to be fracked"

I don't think so!

Rape and Murder
cause injury
in every case.

We make these things illegal
under criminal law.

Fracking causes DEATH and INJURY
in every case. Likewise IT should be made
illegal under criminal law.

This whole fracking thing is all about
our fundamental rights of DEMOCRACY.

Do we have a right to govern ourselves?

Reminder: SRBC Feb 16 Harrisburg.

We actually get 2 chances
because they changed the rules,
they are now voting *after* the public hearing....

Call the Governors + Obama:
NY Gov. Cuomo (518) 474-8390
PA: Gov/ Corbett (717) 787-2500
MD: Gov. O'Mally
(410) 974-3901
US: Obama: (202) 456-1111

Message: "The Susquehanna River Basin Commission
must CEASE the issuance of all new water withdrawals
for hydrofracking, and RESCIND and CANCEL all existing permits,
until a CUMULATIVE IMPACT STUDY can be done,
on the effect of removing this much water from the basin,
and other toxic effects Hydrofracking will have upon the Basin"

Namaste -- May all beings be happy
and have access to clean water to drink.


On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 7:50 PM, kemichels tds.net <kemichels@tds.net> wrote:

I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt that you are trying to help but please be aware that such a petition and compromised attitude is extremely harmful to a cause that we have been fighting with everything we have.  If groups like yours were true to yourselves and those who support you WE WILL HAVE THAT POLITICAL POWER.  In your response to Annie, you make it sound as if you think fracking with nitrogen gas is acceptable and by the tone, that those who don't are foolish. 
The extraction of natural gas cannot be done safely even if they went down with a drill and nothing else.  The radioactive(radium 226,228, Uranium, Thorium etc.) brine and drill cuttings would still come up.  The hydrogen sulfide would still come up.  The massive clear cutting of trees... the list goes on but you get my point.
 You are resigned to the idea that we cannot stop fracking.  You have become part of the gas industry propoganda machine possibly without even realizing it.  You are buying into the industry propaganda that it can't be stopped.  If they convince people that they can't, they won't try.  It CAN be stopped if we all stick together. 
All I ask is that you and Choose Clean Water Coalition please retract your petition and ask for what you really want - a ban on all drilling in all of NY and beyond.  If you truly want Clean Water and I would hope clean air - there is no compromise.  Stand up for what you believe in.  Stand up for the people who have supported you.
I noticed that your e-mail address is NWF.  I certainly hope that their view is pure.  I started getting their magazine at 8 years old.  Though I stopped a couple of years ago as I didn't have time to read it lately, I have held them in the highest regard since childhood and my husband and I have made donations.  I hope that they will not fail me now when I, we, need them most.

Please scrap this petition and create a new one.  It was a good idea, it just needs to solidly protect everyone and all the water, not just some of it.  It is all connected.  There are some situations where there can be no compromise.  This is one of them.  We really need you on our side.

Sincerely, Kim Michels

On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 1:05 PM, Ryan Ewing <EwingR@nwf.org> wrote:

Dear Annie,


I have just now seen your email  back to the full NYRAD group wherein you shared your vehement opposition to the White House petition approach.  Again, I am sorry you feel that way, and also sorry that you afforded me no opportunity to respond to your concerns first before emailing the full group.  So not to extend this into further disagreement, we would welcome anyone to sign that petition or not, but I suppose the rest of the group should now be privileged to see my personal response to you, which is included below.


I understand that some will still not agree, but hope that you will find common cause with this effort as we are seeking to achieve the same results through different means.


In case you need further validation of our common cause, I was a key organizer behind the moratorium approach in Maryland where I live, in my Coalition role we generated over 50,000 comments supporting a ban on drilling in the George Washington National Forest in Virginia, and have helped facilitate the interaction between groups that will allow both Maryland and Virginia to benefit from the baseline water quality monitoring protocols established by Pennsylvania partners in case fracking ever does come to these states, so that we will have the scientific data to hold industry accountable for their actions.


If anyone has further questions, feel free to contact me directly, I subscribe to the list as a digest reader and so do cannot offer an immediate email reply.


Again, the White House petition is available at http://wh.gov/kCA





Ryan Ewing
Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Choose Clean Water Coalition 
706 Giddings Avenue, Suite 2C
Annapolis, MD 21401

443.927.8047 w
443.927.8050 f





From: Ryan Ewing
Sent: Monday, January 30, 2012 5:19 PM
To: 'Annie Lenihan'
Subject: RE: A license to drill. (kill)


Hi Annie,


While I appreciate your feedback, I think you misunderstand.  Or at least you misdirect your frustration.  As a staffer of a Coalition with a wide range of groups and divergent viewpoints, this was the result of the consensus that emerged. 


To address your points specifically:


I think many would say that if the SDWA protections were in place, the practice of fracking could not have taken hold due to federal oversight of the many concerns it raises – especially the ones you describe.  Putting the protections back into place would help stop the practice as it exists today for everyone, not just those under the direct jurisdiction of SDWA.


In the editing, sensitive lands was initially "federal lands", then "sensitive federal lands", and then I broadened the language to get people to agree that we are not just concerned about federal property and that many private farm and forest sites should be included.  But others argued that we really couldn't defend no further drilling on areas in the West that were already subject to other oil and gas development.  But you can't really fit that in 800 characters – so please don't read too much into it.


Since natural gas was pitched as a bridge fuel for energy independence, it seems that exporting gas through LNG terminals to other countries was pretty hypocritical, hence that language.  But there are also some types of shale that can be fractured with just nitrogen gas, such as in Tennessee.  So do folks have a problem with that?  I don't know – but can we be categorically against export of all types of shale drilling?  Again, can't fit that into 800 characters.


Finally, I would say that I am in personal agreement with you, but unless there is enough of a political force to demand an outright ban on drilling against a powerful oil & gas lobby, then I live with myself by finding enough common cause with others who care about this issue to find creative ways to get at the problem apart from the full frontal attack.





From: Annie Lenihan [mailto:alenihan@frontiernet.net]
Sent: Wednesday, February 29, 2012 4:25 PM
To: Ryan Ewing
Subject: A license to drill. (kill)


To Ryan and the rest of this facade of an environmental group,

The safe drinking water act is in case you didn't know:

SDWA was originally passed by Congress in 1974 to protect public health by regulating the nation's public drinking water supply. The law was amended in 1986 and 1996 and requires many actions to protect drinking water and its sources: rivers, lakes, reservoirs, springs, and ground water wells. (SDWA does not regulate private wells which serve fewer than 25 individuals.)

Where do you think the drilling is going to happen? It's going to happen in areas that are agricultural,  poor and where there are only wells and springs that are the source of drinking water for all of the people in the area. Who do you work for? What's a highly sensitive land? I think my land is. I saw a pair
of red tails yesterday. Are they sensitive enough for you? A bear and a fisher passed through my yard last year. Is that sensitive enough for you. I
had my spring tested. Cleanest and largest spring in the county. That sensitive enough for you?

How dare you call yourself a protector of anything.

Tightly restrict the export of shale gas? License to kill. Don't you know that people are dying from this process? Regulation does not make this process safe. It is a flawed process. If it was a bad drug, it would be off the shelves and outlawed in days. Where have been? How can you live with yourself?




we petition the obama administration to:

Protect communities from the negative impacts of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and natural gas drilling.

Rapid development of fracking has overwhelmed communities with negative impacts: drinking water contamination, intense industrialization of farm and forest lands (with loss of habitat), polluted streams, heavy truck traffic and accidents on rural roads, even earthquakes from deep well injection of wastewater.

Hailed as an abundant bridge energy supply, shale gas drilling was exempted from provisions of major environmental laws, while we now know the supply is much less than previously thought.

We ask the Administration to protect our drinking water by restoring the protections of the Safe Drinking Water Act to natural gas drilling, to eliminate all other exemptions fracking enjoys, to prohibit drilling in national parks and highly sensitive lands and tightly restrict export of shale gas.

Created: Jan 25, 2012

Signatures needed by February 29, 2012 to reach goal of 25,000


Total signatures on this petition


Outrage Management: 
The Goal:To engage the objectors and protect
the majority from becoming outraged.
Sign the Petition to Ban Drilling in New York State

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