Monday, March 5, 2012

Must Hear: EID Marcellus interview with NY Sen Tom Libous

I encourage you all to listen to this
interview with NY Sen. Tom Libous.

He says the governor's advisory committee
is basically on hold until the DEC gets a handle
on 61,000 comments.

Libous is sounding quite softened up and humbled to my ears.
He seems to finally recognize
the size of the anti-fracking movement
and our political power.

I think he is beginning to hear us.

He still talks about the "engineers and the scientists"
and "the experts at the DEC" who are going to decide
(i.e., and not We the People)

...but seems to be almost admitting
that he is hearing them say that
it can't be done safely (a good sign).

As a politician, he doesn't say that directly.
Have a listen and see what you think.

He still is vocally against home rule.
Hard to imagine a politician in a democratic nation
with an anti-Home Rule agenda!

Like, if the Home is not ruled locally...
then who are making the decisions?
and in who's interests?

I want to send Tom a copy of the
Declaration of Independence
with the part highlighted
about government deriving its just powers
from the consent of the governed,

...which seems to define Home Rule to me!

He was talking about fracking maybe certain areas
specifically mentioned Camp Pharsalia.

I think overall this is very good news.
Our efforts do seem to be having an affect.


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