Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Important hearing on Brine spreading // Ulster Co. tonight! 6:45 UC Legislative Bldg Kingston

The Ulster County Legislature could vote on Tuesday, March 20, to accept "free" gas fracking waste water (brine) to de-ice roads in Ulster County. The advisory below asks people to attend at 6:45 PM to show strength, and some will be able to speak to the Leg before the Session about the dangers of "brine" and to demand passage of the resolution demanding a public hearing. http://www.co.ulster.ny.us/resolutions/71-12.pdf  Even 30-40 people attending would be an unusual event.
Julie McQuain
Ulster County Residents:  Your ATTENTION and PARTICIPATION are needed at the Ulster County Legislature on Tueday, March 20th!

A law has been introduced into the Ulster County Legislature  http://www.co.ulster.ny.us/resolutions/71-12.pdf  which will prohibit the spreading of used frack fluid, aka "produced brine" to de-ice Ulster County roads. Tuesday, March 20, at its regular 7 PM meeting, the Legislature will decide whether this bill is worthy of a Public Hearing, the next stage in the process.  We must be there!   This fracking waste, so-called "brine," contains chemicals known to cause disease and death.

A Brine Analysis Test done by TestAmerica, FOILed from DEC records, reveals arsenic, cadmium, benzene, toluene, phenol, naphthalene. Although referred to as "treated," the treatment consists of evaporation which does not render it safe. DEC records also reveal that  this fluid that returns to the surface of the well contains radioactive radium226.

Passage of this law should be a no brainer for Ulster County legislators.  Unfortunately, Ken Wishnick, the (Democratic) New Paltz representative who introduced it, is not at all sure about its passage. The "brine" has been legally designated as industrial waste rather than hazardous waste, enabling the DEC to permit it for "beneficial use," such as road de-icing.  And the companies are giving it away for FREE!   

Some legislators believe the DEC's long standing reputation as protector of NY waters is sufficient to protect us. They do not want to be locked into a law when the industry is promising to invent a 'safe' concoction.  And it's FREE!

All reasons why a legislator would vote against this bill.  But this stuff does not belong on our roads, running off onto our property, our streams, our wells.

We ask that you come at 6:45 on Tuesday, March 20th to the UC Legislative Building on Fair Street in Kingston, 6th floor, and sign up to speak for a minute or two. FFC will provide talking points you can use. The legislature will decide whether this bill is worthy of a public hearing.

It is time to make ourselves heard.  If you cannot attend, please contact your legislator before Tuesday evening. (see UC Legislature website). If you need a ride, call 845- 679-7859. For more information and the FOILed documents, go to <toxicstargeting.com/sites/default/files/pdfs/foil-hl-110718.pdf <http://toxicstargeting.com/sites/default/files/pdfs/foil-hl-110718.pdf> .>

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