Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fracking poll on Fox: Don't Waste Your Time!!!! (more about PR)

This is why I caution people not to waste their time on internet polls.

Internet polls are basically a complete waste of time.
Best to ignore them!   Really!!! 

I think Keith Schue is on the right track below,
however,  is not (IMO) sufficiently cynical/skeptical.
  • These internet polls are not scientific (e.g., not a random sample).

  • They are TRIVIAL to cheat and ballot-stuff -->
    1: vote, 2: delete cookie, 3: vote again, 4: repeat...
    this can even be automated on a Linux/Unix machine
    so the auto-voting happens unattended.

  • AND WORST OF ALL....!!!

    You are all ASSUMING this is legitimate poll
    designed to gather information

    when in fact it might be
    a PR stunt designed to alter public perception

    i.e., a PROPAGANDA SERVICE offered by Fox and paid-for by industry.

I know most of you are all nice, honest and trusting people.

The shocking reality is that THIS IS A WAR.
We, and our way of life are under attack.

We are considered insurgents by industry(*),
and they are using advanced PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUES against us
a/k/a/ Psychological Operations a/k/a/ PSYOPS.

(* e.g., see: )

I advise being very skeptical any time the corporate press,
the for-profit press, reports any numbers about the size of
the opposition to toxic heavy industry / mining.
Our numbers are much larger than they report!

Here is something which may shock you:

The corporate press largely serves a role as a vehicle
for industry Advertising and Public Relations role.  (propaganda).

Messages which are inconsistent with, or antagonistic of
industry are suppressed (censorship).

For those who do not know,
there is a historical nexus between

1: The advertising industry
=> clearly a paid message designed to sell a product

2: the Public Relations industry
=> hidden messages designed to promote industry or a candidate

3: military propaganda, psychological operations
=> messages designed to cause submission and surrender of the enemy

If you want to learn more about propaganda and public relations,
I suggest the following resources: "Toxic Sludge is Good for You!" -> by Rampton & Stauber. CLASSIC expose of the PR industry.

2: Information about Edward Bernays (Freud's nephew),  the "Father of Public Relations"      => Influenced Nazi Propagandist Joseph Goebbels

3: Chomsky books: a) The Manufacture of Consent, and b) Necessary Illusions.

There are two very different versions of the first book. The first is a classic book and is subtitled: The Political Economy of the Mass Media, co-authored with Edward Hermann.

However, I recommend getting  "Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media"
which is a book version of a film about Chomsky. And the film itself (by Mark Achbar,
the guy who produced "The Corporation")

4: Become "Media Literate" -- learn the tools of manipulation.
Here is an excellent page about rhetoric and logicial fallacies
which are the basic tools of PR and propaganda:

I am starting to organize a free/open-source course on media literacy which I will be announcing on this list soon, focusing on how to decypher the PR techniques of the gas industry.

For now, check out a Five Year Timeline on Gas Industry PR-Spin:


On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 2:41 AM, Keith Schue <> wrote:
It is not only to be expected among Fox viewers, but of FoxNews itself--whose mission is to manufacture and manipulate news for its underwriters as much as to report it. The only reason this survey is even happening is because the results were assured to favor industry.
This is how it works....
1. Someone associated with the fracking industry hatches a plan involving several employees gathered together with instructions to spend the day voting online until their fingers hurt. FoxNews is then told to conduct an online survey.
2. FoxNews happily obliges and the survey produces the intended outcome.
3. FoxNews announces the results as if it means something really important about the public's "growing support for hydrofracking".
4. The frackers smile.

From: Sandy Podulka <>
To: ROUSE <>; <>
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 12:04 AM
Subject: [Shaleshock] Fracking poll on Fox: Please Vote

The "no's" are way ahead, which is to be expected among Fox viewers, I guess....

From Martha Robertson:

Fox News Poll: Does Fracking Pollute Well Water?

    The Fox News website is currently running a poll which asks the question: Do you believe 'fracking' pollutes well water?



May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)


Paul_Roden said...

Another book to add to your list on PR or public relations and the misuse and abuse of PR is Wendel Potter's, "Deadly Spin". It is a whistleblower's expose of how the healthcare insurance industry has fought healthcare reform and how it smeared Michael Moore and any advocate against private, for profit medical or healthcare insurance. Single payer, universal healthcare, "Obamacare", "government take over of healthcare", "death panels" "socialist medicine", "government mandated" purchase of health insurance, etc. This is an incredible story of how the private, for profit healthcare industry shapes public opinion and manipulates the media, the press, the public and the politicians to do their bidding by campaign contributions.

Bill Huston said...

Paul, I will check out the book, however I strongly feel that Obamacare is a very bad law.

No one should be coerced to engage in commerce (purchase health insurance).

Let's face the fact: Western medicine can set bones and does well dealing with trauma, but gets just about everything else wrong about long-term health and well being.

Obamacare just forces people into this corrupt profit-oriented system. I hope the SCOTUS throws it out. It's a bad law.

If the country wants to really do something to help us all live better, they would

a) ban all advertisements
b) subsidize organic food
c) give people a tax break for practicing yoga, meditation, and exercise,
d) give people a tax break for eating closer to a plant-based diet.