Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Epic No-Frack event, video listing

Epic No-Frack Event
Saturday June 25, 2011
at Ithaca College

The all-day Epic No Frack Event held at Ithaca College in June of 2011
was a formidable undertaking for event organizers, Jeff and Jodi Andrysick.

Featuring nearly 45 speakers, 6 movies and 10 musicians,
the event also proved to be a major logistical challenge for the video-production team
enlisted to record and package the event.

With over twenty hours of video footage from a multi-camera set-up,
a collection of video uploads was produced that served several distinct purposes.

The event was produced and packaged in a manner that would not only give viewers
a chance to experience the entire event sequentially,
but would also act as a searchable theme-based video archive,
allowing viewers to locate and watch video segments tailored to their specific
concerns and interests.

In order to accomplish this, over a dozen hours of footage were logged and collated to be
subsequently audio re-mastered and then edited with graphics and credits.

The segments were then uploaded with searchable titles and tags to BlipTV, Youtube and Vimeo.
The final product of our labors was a polished, easily navigable and inclusive record of what
will surely become regarded as one of the major events in the battle over natural gas drilling.

Some of the clips are listed below:

  1. Joseph Campbell and Yvonne Taylor of Gas Free Seneca on
    "LPG and Natural Gas in Salt Caverns near Seneca Lake
  2. Bette Ek, Vice-President of People For A Healthy Environment
    and Associate Professor Emerita, Elmira College- "ECO NIMBYS say the Darndest Things"
  3. Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director of Food and Water Watch
    "Banning Fracking"
  4. Dr. Stephen Penningroth of The Community Science
    Institute on "Essentials of Toxic Chemical Risk "
  5. Janet Burgan music performance medley –includes song "No Fracking Way"

  6. Dan Hill- Flutist, Cayuga Nation/Haudenosaunee
    Environmental Task Force performs "Aquifer "

  7. Jannette Barth PhD.of J.M. Barth Assoc.on "Economic Impact of Gas Drilling in Marcellus Shale"
  8. Earl Robinson MD.on "Health Impact of Gas Drilling"
  9. Simona Perry PhD. on "Social Geographic Ethnographic Impact of Gas Drilling "
  10. Musical Guest Jayne and Bram Pomplas "Traditional Irish Music"
  11. Leslie Lewis, Esq. on "Legal Issues with Land - Lease Agreements"
  12. Cathy Frail, Political Psychologist and Writer "Gas Drilling in the News Media
  13. Jeff and Jodi Andrysik- "A Heartfelt Plea and Thanks"
  14. Debra Anderson, Documentary Director of "Split Estate"
  15. Musician Janet Burgan perform a medley of songs

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