Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Time to phone/email BLITZ to WSKG!!!

We need to call en-masse to WSKG and complain about this hard-core propaganda show:
"Gas Planet" airing right now.

Co-produced by and Innovation Trail.
(Need some research into who funds Allegheny Front)

The whole premise of the show is that if you are an environmentalist,
you should WELCOME the shale gas boom.

SAY WHAT!!????

First listen:

Take notes about how may times you hear "clean burning", "gas boom"
and "shale millionaires", "cheap gas",  how often the narrators speaks optimistically
about "the shale boom coming to NY sooner rather later" etc.

compared to how many times you hear about risks.

Then, call and complain: 607.729.0200.
 (WSKG Comment Line)

While you are talking to them,
tell them you want 2 things:

1) LIVE UP TO YOUR CLAIM that you are "Public Broadcasting"
and PROVIDE SOME MECHANISM by which local, independent community producers
can get content on the air.  "Public Broadcasting" without the public is FRAUD.

2) Specifically ask for the Shaleshock Media show. We are presently working on a series of broadcast-quality HD investigative video and event videos which are highly relevant, and just the truth, no bullshit.

Other ways to contact WSKG:

  • Letters to:
    WSKG, PO Box 3000, Binghamton, NY 13902

  • Physical Address:
    601 Gates Rd., Vestal, NY 13850

  • Phone (607) 729-0100
    ask to speak with Brian Sickora, General Manager, or the Program Director.

  • Phone (607) 729-0200
    and leave a message

I'll send out my notes later.

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