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Medea Benjamin in Binghamton, Monday July 9th 2012

Medea Benjamin / Binghamton NY / Monday July 9 2012

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Medea Benjamin

engaged in Nonviolent Direct Action,
Civil Disobedience
(illegal dancing)
at the Jefferson Memorial,
Washington DC May 2011.

Medea Benjamin
will hold a discussion on drone warfare(*)

United Presbyterian Church,
42 Chenango Street,


July 9 at 7pm.
Potluck @ 6pm.

Co founder of 3 major organizations
Code Pink,
Global Exchange,
United for Peace and Justice

based on human rights, sustainable living,
anti-exploitation, fair trade.

Check out Bob Joseph's interview of Medea
on WNBF-AM 1290 Monday @ 11:15 AM.

Medea has on many occasions
engaged in Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA)
placed her body on the line
standing truth against power.

Despite an
overwhelming super-majority
in opposition
to fracking in NY,

NY Governor Cuomo inexplicably seems to be moving closer to issuing permits for fracking.

IF our political process fails us, and IF the courts fail us,
then our final remedy
our Remedy of Last Resort
can only be

Nonviolent Direct Action

(and maybe prayer).

We may need to
practice this soon.

NY's connection to Non-Violent Direct Action goes back far:

  • NY's role in the American Revolution (1700s)

  • Thomas Paine, who wrote Rights of Man, and Civil Disobedience,
    (which influenced Gandhi), retired to New Rochelle, NY

  • NY home for freed slaves during the Civil War (1800s)

  • NY a major center of the Woman's Suffrage movement (early 1900s)

  • NY during the Black Civil Rights movement (1960s)

  • NY activism helped to defeat a national search for
    a "low level" Nuclear Waste Dump
    , as revealed in the film,
    My Name is Alegeheny County:

Medea Benjamin provides a living example
of the kind of revolutionary activism
that might actually help save the planet
and save the human race.

Last year, Medea Benjamin was part of a group
which protested by engaging in "illegal dancing"
at the Jefferson Memorial! guy gets a little loud, but overall,
and as far as actions go,
I think it's very brilliant :)

So if you want to meet with someone who
  • tries to align herself
    with the principles of LIFE
    peace, compassion, and sustainability,


  • someone who also is not afraid
    to put her body on the line

    and stand up to people
    who abuse stolen power.
    as we may soon be called to do,

I recommend you come and be with Medea for an evening.
Sponsored by Broome County Peace Action.

Potluck Supper at 6pm before the event.
Bring a dish to pass.
Please bring a list of ingredients
for people with special diets.

Please consider bringing
Peace Food,
Living Food,




(* Pity the talk is on DRONE WARFARE
Another ugly topic like hydrofrackng.

But if our government is behind it,
the murder of many innocents,
don't we owe a duty
of due-diligence to our democratic process
to the victims of these killing machines?)

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May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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