Friday, July 20, 2012

NY Grassroots Anti-fracking movement just picked up 18 Towns and 3 Cities!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

OK! WOW!! This is stupendous news!!

The NY Grassroots Anti-fracking movement just picked up 18 Towns and 3 Cities!

This is thanks to Walter Hang of ToxicsTargeting,

Also thanks to Governor Cuomo,
the DEC, Senator Libous
, and JLCNY
and their collective misguided plan
which would likely destroy this land where we live.

And also thanks to YOU!
for organizing in YOUR town!!

I've been studying Walter's latest map and letter.

As I understand it, it is a list of towns
where locals have organized
and forwarded to their town boards
a letter from Walter urging the town boards
to NOT PASS a "pro-fracking resolution".

Walter also quotes Dan Fitzsimmons, literally,
and makes a protective spin from it:

Dan Fitzsimmons, president of the JLCNY, was quoted in a 7/10/12 article in the Binghamton Press and Sun Bulletin about the JLCNY resolution passed by various municipalities: "The resolution reflects a 'neutral' stance toward drilling (emphasis added)... and merely states that the town is accepting DEC's leadership over the issue." There you have it straight from the proverbial horse's mouth. The JLCNY resolution is not pro-fracking.

I think that's brilliant!
No need to fear, folks, you can trust Dan on this one!!

The next thing is, I merged Karen's latest ban's map
with Walter's map of the towns which have sent letters
urging protective legislative inaction.

(While this is not as strong (IMO) as protective legislative action,
it DOES show that citizens in these towns, previously unorganized,
are suddenly waking up and taking action.)

I noticed this in several town board meetings
in places which had passed the JLCNY "We trust the DEC/SGEIS"
a/k/a "Positive Resolution in Support of Drilling".

Long-time activists have said "These JLCNY resolutions and the Cuomo 5-county plan have really energized the movement. Previously disengaged people are coming forward."

In Karen's map, she breaks out these categories,
1) towns with a ban (red)
2) towns with a moratorium
3) towns with a movement for a ban or moratorium (yellow).

Now we have a new category:

4) Towns with citizens who have petitioned the town
with Walters' letter urging the town to NOT PASS
any pro-fracking resolution.

I merged Walter's map with Karen's Map.
If we ask "how many municipalities are in category 4
which are not in any previous catagory 1-3?"

If we merge Walter's list with Karens, we can see
we pick up 18 Towns and 3 Cities!!
(depicted in blue, below):

Holy cow!
Cuomo's latest scheme has only energized the grassroots!

Here is the list of towns to add:
  1. Dansville /Steuben Co.
  2. Chemung / Chemung Co.
  3. Lisle / Broome County
  4. Triangle / Broome County
  5. Barker / Broome County
  6. Maine / Broome County
  7. Town of Binghamton / Broome County
  8. Windsor / Broome County
  9. Sandford / Broome County
  10. Otselic / Chenango Co
  11. New Berlin/ Chenango Co
  12. Norwich / Chenango Co
  13. McDonough/ Chenango Co
  14. Preston/ Chenango Co
  15. Guilford / Chenango Co
  16. Oxford/ Chenango Co
  17. Coventry/ Chenango Co
  18. Afton / Chenango Co
  1. Corning / Steuben Co.
  2. Norwich / Chenango Co
  3. Afton/ Chenango Co

Karen's latest data is as follows:
(village, town, or city)

87 = Moratorium
30 = Ban
+77 = Movement towards Ban/Moratoria
194 Total (Wowie just on this!!!)

Plus Water's data:
18 towns or villages
+ 3 Cities


(compared to the JLCNY's ~40 towns, and these are
AT BEST: meaningless, and impotent
at worst: illegitimate and undemocratic.)

Based on average population data this represents
  • 4.2 Million New Yorkers living in municipalities protected or mobilized
    (high estimate), or

  • 1.7 Million New Yorkers (adjusted by discarding NYC due to high pop density)
    (low estimate)

This movement is growing, people!
I agree with Walter: POUR IT ON, People!

Thanks to everyone for your work.
We may be reaching a turning point...

Governor Cuomo:

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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