Monday, October 29, 2012

How to respond to hired spies, bullies, and industrial propaganda

There are really three possibilities
in responding to industrial propaganda, spying, and bullying,

I think these all have merit,
and should be used in various combinations as the situation merits.

1: (simply) ignore them, refuse to be defined by their false characterizations.  When you give it attention, you give it energy and life.

If you choose to tangle with a mud-slinger,
expect to get dirty in the process.

We don't have to react to their ridiculous BS, and when we do, we are suddenly playing their game, which they have defined the rules. We always have a choice to disengage and walk away also.

2: Counter their BS with well-reasoned arguments.

Publish these in various media (blogs, coffeeshop discussions, newspapers, zines, LtEs, public access TV, community radio, street theater, art and literature), get them into the public ideosphere, so that common folk have exposure to multiple explanations of truth.

This is the one I haven't heard mentioned yet:

3: Focus our our core, shared values.  Assert our common, shared values. Get under the protection of the "biggest tent possible".

For me, these are
  • clean air and water
  • peace and quiet and preservation
  • respect for all life
  • protection of all life
  • compassion for all beings
  • offering protection of all beings
  • stewardship of the land
  • offering protection of the
    mountains and streams

    And knowing:
  • All Life in Four Directions is Connected
  • All Life in Seven Generations is Connected.
For me, this is the most powerful practice,
because it is transformative.

When we practice a cultivation of
common, shared values, a resonance with life,
in harmony and spirit,
I am convinced that we become immune
to their attacks.

This inward discipline,
is outwardly transformative.

I believe this inner-practice
can turn guns into roses.
Transform enemies into friends.

Where we see separation,
there will always be war.

When we see the world split in two...

Man vs. God

Man vs. Nature
Man vs. Woman

Straights vs. Freaks
Breeders vs. Queers
Republicans vs. Democrats

give me a break, people!

Property Owners (endowed with rights)
vs. Serfs (without rights)

Masters and Slaves
Material v. Spirit
Objective Scientific Truth vs. Relativistic Subjective Consciousness

Mother-Frackers vs. NIMBY-ANTIS

The vast, expansive Universe of Time-Space
vs. The infinitesimal point of Here-Now

... one always needing to dominate over the other...

There are so many variations on this same game of dualism.

Truth is,
We are all connected, interdependent.

When we see this,
cultivate a vision of this,
there will be peace.

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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