Thursday, October 4, 2012

(video) The Biggest NY Fracking Story Ever -- Near 100% Media Blackout Continues 30 days & counting

Here is the video folks.

This is the biggest story I've ever worked on, a solid month of research, blogging, and video production:

The story is inlined below, but click on these blog links for embedded video (and share these links on social media)

Please Watch, Like, Share, and send to your email lists to all groups in the Southern Tier of NY from Binghamton to Corning.

Then: Take Action:
1) Call the Media, get this story reported in the "Credentialed" press.
2) Call your politicians and find out what is their action plan to protect NY water?
3) Meet in your local groups and decide: What are WE going to do about this?

May all Beings be Happy and Free from Suffering -- BH

Has NY Water Already Been Contaminated by Fracking?

This is video to help you understand the significance of the story I broke a month ago.

In just 30 days, this post has risen to the 6th most popular in 4 1/2 years of blogging, at 972 views as of today. Here is a timeline of how I discovered this story with links to other blogs and references.

Here is a Youtube playlist: all three parts:

Here are the individual segments:
  • part 1

    • Bret Jennings, Black water in Great Bend associated with gas drilling 13 miles upstream of Binghamton.
    • Do we need testing as proof?
    • What is a drainage basin? 
    • How many wells upstream of Binghamton's water intake? 98? WTF!
    • Existing spills and contamination: 4 blowouts at Laurel Creek is upstream of Binghamton.

  • part 2

    • Truthland lies... Depue contamination (of "Truthland" fame) is upstream of Binghamton,
    • Heavenly Angels water contamination (Barium and Arsenic) is upstream of Binghamton
    • Every one of those 98 wells with Binghamton headwaters is a likely source of contamination.
    • Fracking Chemicals... how much has been brought in to the 280 sq. mi of fracked headwaters upstream of Binghamton?
    • How to visualise 8,500 tons...
    • Worse than just Binghamton... Corning, Elmira, Waverly, Owego, Endicott, Vestal all are at risk, 160,000 NY residents
    • Derrick Jensen: When will you call this an Apocalypse?
    • Karly Ann Griffen to the Susquehanna River Basin Commission: This is RAPE OF THE EARTH

  • part 3

    • Media Blackout on this story.
    • Media Blackout broken by Jim Ehmke/WIVT
    • Mayor Matt Ryan takes swift action
    • Call the Media!!!
    • What does "Safe" mean? Is our water Safe?
    • Holding an infant over a balcony 10 stories up: Unsafe Endangerment
    • Shooting a gun in a mall: Unsafe Endangerment
    • Fracking 96 wells within the headwaters of a city of 47,000 people: Unsafe Endangerment
    • We should be installing solar panels instead of fighting frack
    • The beautiful resistance movement!

Please call the Press and Sun Bulletin and ask them to inform the residents of the City of Binghamton there are 98 unconventional gas wells in the headwaters region of the drinking water, with active fracking going on NOW, and overall 160,000 NY residents whose water is at risk:

I am available for media interviews on this topic.
Email is preferred:
Phone: 607-321-7846

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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