Sunday, October 14, 2012

What is the REAL reason for the Constitution Pipeline?

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[NOTE 8-10-13: I have removed all references to the Leatherstocking Pipeline. 
It would be a distribution line, not a gathering line.
This was my error. Sorry about that. -- BH ]

 We have been told many times by Williams-Cabot
the purpose of the Constitution Pipeline is to

a) "get production gas from Pennsylvania to market",
and that
b) "it is not designed to further production of Marcellus in NY".

While there may be some truth to part a,
I want to present a different way to look at things,
which may call the veracity of part b into question.

When you look at these maps, I want you to think about
the engineering problem:

"How do we deliver ALL of the production
Marcellus gas to market?

As you can see there is a spiderweb of pipelines of all sizes needed.

These maps are only of major pipeline systems.
Only a couple of midstream and gathering systems are included.

No doubt many pipeline systems are NOT included on this map,
WOW... and PA is just 2% developed.... what will this place look like
in 10 years if we allow this to continue?

CUT TO THE CHASE--- Go to Map 11 and check out the Gray Zone,
an area of prime Marcellus Shale in NY which is NOT presently served
by a large transmission system.... Chenango, Delaware, Otsego counties...

MAP 1:  Here is where the Marcellus
shale formation exists.

MAP 2:  Dominion Pipeline

MAP 3: Millennium Pipeline

MAP 4:  Tennessee Pipeline

MAP 5:  Laser Midstream (recently purchased by Williams and renamed a gathering line)
The new Bluestone gathering line follows approximately the same route ~10 miles to the east.

MAP 6:  Iroquois

MAP 7: Transco Pipeline

MAP 8:  Williams-Springfield (gathering)

MAP 9:  Portland Pipeline

MAP 10:

Compressor Stations (star)
  • Blue = Williams Central Station, Brooklyn Twp. PA
  • Green = Hancock, NY (proposed)
  • Yellow = Minisink, NY (permitted)

MAP 11:

The GREY zone appears to be prime 
Marcellus region of NY which does not
have a large transmission pipeline nearby.

Q: How do we get this gas to market?

MAP 12:

Leatherstocking Pipeline (proposed / distribution)
Afton, Sidney, Bainbridge, Unadilla, Windsor, Coventry

MAP 13: Perfect Bisection

The Constitution Pipeline nearly perfectly bisects
the target zone of Marcellus "Fairway" in NY.

Here is a detail of the Grey Zone--

 The Constitution Pipeline is designed to transport productiongas from Pennsylvania to market. It is not designed to facilitate
Marcellus production in New York
." -- Matt Swift, Williams Company

Are we SURE the Constitution Pipeline has nothing to do with
delivering production gas from NY to market?

It is clear to me from examining these maps
from a purely engineering viewpoint
that the true purpose of  the Constitution Pipeline
is to facilitate shale gas fracking in New York.

They are rolling out the infrastructure NOW despite
the present NY moratorium.

These companies are very adept at getting their pipelines
in the ground, by navigating the complex legal system,
and also the public relations problem -- since NO ONE
wants one of these beasts in their back yard.

Do you think they've gotten real good at telling a story
which gets local approval?

Whereas if they had told the TRUE STORY, that
with this pipeline will come ADDITIONAL infrastructure

and a rapid industrialization of the area,
there would be community outrage?

If we allow them to build these facilities, all of the
infrastructure will be in place to allow the rapid
industrialization of this place
, the destruction of
our land, air, water, forests, peace and quiet
, and the dumping
of massive amounts of toxic chemicals into
the our headwaters river basin area.

Slideshow of this:

REMINDER-- Be sure to come to the final FERC EIA scoping session
on the Constitution Pipeline in Oneonta at the Foothills Oct 24 7pm
(rally at 6pm)

And also remember to MAKE SUBSTANTIVE COMMENTS to FERC on application PF12-9.
Instructions are here



The Constitution Pipeline "solves the problem"
of how to get
the gas produced in Central NY
which is not presently served by a large transmission
to market.

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)


Cris McConkey said...

Bill, Your graphic with the gray area makes a powerful statement. Given that the gas from the Marcellus shale is dry in this region, not much needs to be done to it from gathering line to distribution line. In effect, Leatherstocking's line becomes an extension to gathering lines. They just wouldn't need to pump as much gas from Pennsylvania as wells are brought online along the route. Its like eliminating the middleman (midstream), but it is limited by the size and construction of the distribution line itself. Once that is in place, though, they might then decide to put in a larger pipeline than the plastic line they propose, and they would have already have secured the right of way. That is the way I see it. It would be good if some experts would weigh in on this.

Bill Huston said...

Cris, I think I was wrong about Leatherstocking being a gathering line.

Gathering lines are high yield pressure steel pipe. Distribution lines are plastic.

I've removed those comments about Leatherstocking.