Saturday, November 3, 2012

Leatherstocking / Constitution deal smells FISHY (or maybe it's mercaptan?)

News today about the Leatherstocking / Constitution deal.

Here's Mike German at the Afton scoping hearing:

If it's "local gas for local people",
then why do they need the Constitution to do that?

Something smells fishy...
(or maybe it's mercaptan :)

I have been following Leatherstocking for some time.
Lots of video by me and others:

It is quite clear from their statements that
Leatherstocking (Corning Gas/Mirabito)
wants to operate a Gathering Line System

from Susquehanna County and North the I88 Corridor:

They will supply "Local Gas to Local People"
only as a PR stunt, for the Public Relations value.

It's just a cost of doing business,
like how Cabot gives money to the hospital
and funds a community picnic.

Awwww. Look!
Cabot Cares!
Nah. I ain't buying it.

Leatherstocking wants to be the TOLL TAKER
which meters gas FROM local fracked marcellus wells
TO the Millennium and Constitution Pipeline,
Both "domestic exports" to Boston and NYC,
exports to Canada to fuel Tar Sands processing,
and international exports to India, and China, and elsewhere
to fuel manufacturing in places where the labor is cheapest
(and the labor abuses are the worst).

Just found something like 20 applications for
export permits at the DOE website.
Check the link on the right:
"Summary of LNG export applications".
From ZERO to TWENTY, overnight!

They want this gas OUT OF HERE, FAST!
The people, united,
will never be defeated!

The Constitution Pipeline
will never be completed!

Keep up the fight, people!

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