Saturday, November 3, 2012

Why I am endorsing Abdelazim, Lupardo, Orzell, Lamb: IF YOU CARE ABOUT LIFE ON EARTH

If you care about the Earth,
PLEASE vote: Abdelazim, Lupardo, Orzell, Lamb

Here is why I am supporting and endorsing the following candidates:

Tarik Abdelazim for Broome County Executive:
Donna Lupardo for Assemblywoman 126th Assembly District
John Orzel for NY Senate 52nd district:
Dan Lamb for US Congress, NY 22nd District:

I have been struggling with this for many weeks.
I am happy to report: My burden is lifted.

A clear positive, creative vision
has been restored to my sight.

I will focus on Tarik,
and speak briefly about the others.

I have considered Tarik a friend, and a colleague.
I worked with Tarik closely on several projects.
Broome County Peace Action, Binghamton IMC,
the Saint Pat's Four Citizen's Tribunal, WHRW,
and others.

Without going over all the details
of my views of past events,
let me say I have had issues and conflicts
with my friend.

The pain of these past conflicts,
although occurring many years ago
left lasting scars on our friendship,
and I still carry memories of great pain,
haunted by memories of unbearable loss and sadness.

Yet, can we still practice compassion
with such scars, and memories?
This is the challenge of spiritual practice.

I was first trying to cultivate a vision that
Debbie Preston, as a human being, and a woman,
is trying to do the best thing.
That maybe we could appeal to her heart
with reason and facts.

She did not put her name on the parks.
"The parks belong to the people". That impressed me.

A story in today's newspaper
about how the County Executive's office
is blocking Home Rule decisions of NY towns,

...and a call from my dear friends
Issac Silberman-Gorn, and Robert Bullock...

... helped me to see that electing Debbie Preston
is also electing an entire management team,

including Tom Libous and his protege Bijoy Datta,
who are very anti-home rule (which is anti Democracy)
and who will stop at nothing to see that this BEAUTIFUL PLACE

This election MUST be a referendum on fracking,
we MUST win every single seat with our candidates.

So even candidates like Donna Lupardo,
Dan Lamb, and John Orzell,
whom I consider to be rather weak
in performance and/or public statements
on the most urgent issue of our day,
are clearly FAR better then the alternatives.

My good friend Greg Bohner helped me
greatly this morning,  to cultivate a positive,
creative vision.  Thank you Greg!

Greg said this:

Tarik hangs out where we do,
he's friends with all of our friends.
He is on the right side of this.

He will certainly be more accessible
then the alternative.
Maybe he will listen to the people.
Debbie Preston clearly is not.

So please, if you are in any of these districts,
please vote for the following candidates,
whom I enthusiastically endorse,

  • Tarik Abdelazim -- Broome County Executive

  • Donna Lupardo, NY Assembly, District 126

  • John Orzell, NY Senate, District 52

  • Dan Lamb, US Congress, District 26

I urge you this while I practice Ho'opono pono.
a powerful healing practice from Polynesia:


  • I am sorry.
  • I forgive you.
  • I am grateful.

=> I am sorry for my own errors and transgressions.

=> I offer forgiveness, not to change you,
but to free myself from my own burden.

I am grateful for this experience.

Please feel free to pass this note along to other people
and lists in these districts.


May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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