Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How Williams Companies works with property owners during pipeline construction

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From: Brian Brock 
Date: Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 2:09 PM

Williams owns 80% of Constitution transmission pipeline project and likewise owns 51% of Laural Mountain Midstream gathering pipelines and processing plants. 
Here are two tales of how effected landowners were treated by Williams this year in Fayette County PA during construction of a LMM gathering pipeline.
Last May in Springfield Twp. five people (the couple who owned the property, a couple who were friends, and their grand-daughter) were ordered at gun point to stand in the road in front of their property by troopers who arrived in five cars.  Apparently the land owner's crime was the day before ordering off their property a company security guard who was parked in their driveway.
This month in Nicholson Twp. a 73 year old cattle rancher and educator was thrown in jail when he attempted to tell pipeline workers on his land that there was a PA DEP injunction against further work until pollution problems were resolved and that they were illegally dumping sulfurous water on this land.  In fairness to Williams, it should be noted that the property owner was under an injunction not to talk to workers as a result of a long-running dispute over cut fences, stray cattle, and dead calves and also a bentonite blowout in a stream.

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