Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Susquehanna Co. PA Gov't in complete disarray // Gas companies in control // New Compressors approved amidst Resignations + Threats

I want to a meeting of the Susquehanna County Planning Commission last night.
It was CRAZY!

Williams Company trying to use threats to get a third compressor in Dimock Township,
within 1-2 miles of the other two.
27 more compressors for Susquehanna County proposed! 
What's the master plan?
Whatever the gas company wants?

Long-time chair of the volunteer planning commission Patrick Ahern RESIGNED
before the meeting last night.

Several procedural errors made by new chair, Frank Kwader.
Special (improper) executive session conducted with county solicitor
PRIOR to the start of the meeting, apparently told planning commissioners
to "approve the new compressor, no matter what" or risk LAWSUIT FROM WILLIAMS,
apparently targeting the planning commissioners PERSONALLY.

First meeting of the new year, and new chair failed to do the mandatory reorganization.

~100 people showed up to the meeting, and all who spoke were opposed to the compressor.
Chair tried to silence public comment, and several people raised objections
in accord with Sunshine laws. Chair threatens to have "disruptors" ejected,
however Bret Jennings, Craig Stevens, and latter Matt Walker of Clean Air Council
stood their ground and demanded to be heard citing the law.

Amazingly, the planning commission tabled a proposed fireworks stand
which was also hotly opposed,
however, despite the community opposition they unanimously approved the compressor plan.

TODAY, before the regular meeting of the Susquehanna County Commissioners,
the County Solicitor Thomas F. Meagher RESIGNED!
(Yep, same guy who instructed the planning commission to "approve this or risk being personally sued by Williams")

The Planning Commission is independent,
so the 3 County Commissioners do not approve their vote.
It's done, but citizens are threatening legal challenge on several counts.

Vera Scroggins, Frank Finan, I have video, posting soon.
Joe Massaro (EID) was there too, as well as WBNG, WBRE,
and a video crew from Netherlands Television (NOXTV.NL

(Almost every time I go to Susquehanna County, there are some
international journalists on site reporting)

Susquehanna County Government is OWNED by the gas industry,
which is running roughshod over the public consent.


May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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