Thursday, January 31, 2013

Video of New York Health Commissioner's comments at the 01-30-13 NYS budget hearing

From Brendan O'Connor:

For anyone who is interested, I've compiled a list of time indexed youtube links for questions and discussion concerning the NYSDEC's health review during New York Health Commissioner Dr. Nirav Shah's appearance at the NYS Joint Legislative Budget Hearing Health and Medicaid yesterday:

Assembly Member Richard Gottfried

Assembly Member Kevin Cahill-

Senator Diane J Savino  -

Assembly Member Inez Barron
- ( )

Senator Liz Krueger

Assembly Member Deborah Glick

Assembly Member Charles Lavine-

See also:

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Another interesting tidbit from an op-ed appeared in the Albany Times Union yesterday:

"...Despite more delay to study "unknown" health effects of shale gas development, state officials have known the facts for months. A Feb. 2012 review from New York's Health Commissioner Dr. Nirav Shah states that "significant adverse impacts on human health are not expected from routine HVHF (hydrofracking) operations."

Contrary to every significant charge leveled by opponents, the unreleased review finds that "the state's proposed regulations would prevent any potential health risks from air emissions, water contamination, and radioactive materials unearthed during the drilling process."

The proposed safeguards under the Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement are even stronger..."


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