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Fwd: From MarcellusGas.Org => 62 Companies Hold 3,696 Producing Wells - Range Leads With 560

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Date: Wed, May 29, 2013 at 10:32 PM
Subject: From MarcellusGas.Org => 62 Companies Hold 3,696 Producing Wells - Range Leads With 560

There are 62 companies in the state of Pennsylvania
that account for the 3,696 producing unconventional
gas wells in the state. Six companies operate over
half of these wells.

Our analysis shows that the number of wells doesn't
necessarily equate to the amount of production. Of
the 6 companies with the largest number of producing
wells, Cabot has the fewest, but ranks second in
production. The well count and production values for
the 6 companies are displayed below.

Wells | Production/Mcf | Dollar Value | Company

 560  |  368,946,697   | 1.2 billion  | Range
 416  |  684,729,742   | 2.3 billion  | Chesapeake
 309  |  411,932,389   | 1.4 billion  | Talisman
 260  |  111,217,904   | 373 million  | Atlas
 243  |  134,687,220   | 451 million  | Swepi LP
 232  |  441,245,690   | 1.4 billion  | Cabot

The production values are based on all production
reported to the PA DEP up to the end of December 2012,
and the dollar values represent at-the-wellhead (ATW)
pricing based on the US Energy Information
Administrations latest published value of $3.35/Mcf.

Roughly half of the 62 companies have less then 10
producing wells. Companies with 10 or more producing
wells average 129 wells per company.

Our inventory of Drilling Maps for individual wells
now contains 12,226 maps - all are available for
immediate purchase. Drilling Maps display the
highlighted drilling path for each permitted well,
and include the boundaries for surrounding property
parcels, and the parcel names, in plat map format.

To learn more about Drilling Maps, visit:


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Our permit related information at the site is
updated on a weekly basis ...

There are currently 12,342 permitted unconventional
gas wells in the state, located on 4,261 well-pads.
10,397 are horizontal wells, and 7,100 are reported
as active.

In the past week, we've added 280 inspection
reports, bringing the total number of inspection
events at our site to 40,486.

MarcellusGas.Org is an independent entity that
is not affiliated with any other company or

Our efforts are supported by Full Member
contributions. We ask that you encourage others
who are interested in information related to
Marcellus gas activity to participate as Full
Members so we can continue to provide up to
date information regarding Marcellus and
unconventional gas well activity taking place
in the state of Pennsylvania.


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