Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My question to David Fanning (Frontline) at NCMR-11

David Fanning is the executive producer of the PBS series Frontline.
It's a pretty decent show. I attended a panel he was on during
NCMR#11 in Boston MA:

He started out with an anecdote about his Chinese Fortune Cookie:
So while I did miss a beat or two, I finally gave him the interruption
his fortune fortold.

My basic question has two parts:

1) Why does most of CPB production grants go to just a few SuperStations,
notably,  WGBH, WETA, KQED, WNET?

In the interest of time, I just asked this:
2) Why do PBS and NPR local affiliates deny access to local community producers?

His answer included the following quote.

``It's incumbent on Public Television Stations,
which have grown very distant from their earlier missions,
which have turned into more self-absorbed fundraising machines,
but in fact need to actively open up to other members of the community
and to become the nexus of the new world of journalism.
If we don't do that, than we're really going to be completely irrelevant. ``

Thanks David!

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