Friday, May 3, 2013

PA DEP Determination Letter, Manning Case, Franklin Forks PA

Don't believe the hype.

To understand what is going on here,
you have to begin by reading the source documents.

Here is the PA DEP Determination Letter
in the Manning Case, Franklin Forks, PA

along with the cover letter, by Colleen Connolly.

There's really not much analysis here yet.
But if you want to look this material over, feel free.

We sorta need people to read this stuff over and blog about it.
EID is having a happy-slap fest.

First the links, my short analysis follows:

The basic critique:

This is NOT a scientific document.
It's an administrative judgment-call
masquerading as scientific fact.

It actually suggests that there may be a problem at Salt Springs Park,
which is extremely tragic,
because it is a magical faerie garden.
One of the most beautiful, enchanted coves
I've experienced on Planet Earth.

Now guess whose farm is indicted as the most likely cause
of the contamination BOTH at the Manning's in Franklin Forks
and Salt Springs Park?

Shelly Depue!
You remember her: the star of the EID film "Truthland"

The best Hollywood playwright couldn't make up a funny story this good.

The PA DEP is a captured agency.
They are not enforcing the law.
They are failing to investigate hundreds of such cases
they most often Rubber-Stamp the closure -- NO FAULT
and walk away.

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