Wednesday, May 15, 2013

URGENT from PA: Please Call for FEDERAL INQUIRY into Gas + Oil Pipelines (SAFETY / EXPORTS / BRIBERY)

For Distribution to all Fracking Lists
and all Pipeline Lists

Please read the following
from Susquehanna County, PA.

Vera Scroggins <>;

National Response Center just called by Craig Stevens
about last night's explosion and fire at Williams Central Station:
no one has contacted NRC besides Craig:

everyone call the NRC number and ask for a federal investigation
and Williams has had a third incident in 14 months:

Craig has called for a Federal investigation of Williams;
the number to call is 1-800-424-8802
and website is :
case no. is 1047219

Last night Bob Stoud of Emergency Management, Lance Benedict, PEMA, Williams were there;

this is serious;

Williams needs federal oversight :
we are at serious risk from all this:

Vera Scroggins
Citizens for Clean Water
Susquehanna County, Pa.
607 237 9685

------  END ALERT FROM PA -------

Too many compressor station explosions locally and nationwide.

Too many pipeline accidents nationwide.
How to stop the LNG exports?
How to stop Keystone XL?
FOUR Major Tar Sands Spills in 24 months.
Our National Forests are getting FRACKED!
We haven't even talked about DEEP OCEAN DRILLING,
Drilling in the ANWR, or Mountaintop Removal.

Local governments in Susquehanna County PA, Bradford County PA, and Washington County PA

Pennsylvania State Government,
the Governor and DEP

NY State Government, the Governor and the DEC

How to prevent the next Sissonville WV?
the next San Bruno CA? the next Kalamazoo MI spill,
the next Mayflower AR, the next Yellowstone River Spill?

Water contamination from gas drilling in PA is RAMPANT and PERVASIVE.

Massive buildout all over, while rights of local citizens
to decide OUR OWN FATE are being DENIED.

We have had 3 major explosions / fires at natural gas facilities
within a 30 miles of Binghamton NY.
ALL operated by Williams Company.

Williams Company (and their subsidiaries) have an atrocious safety record:

Why do we allow this company to stay in business?

Please call NRC, FERC, or PHMSA (numbers below) and ask them to

  • investigate Williams Company's safety record,
  • investigate Williams Company for political activity/corruption,
  • investigate Williams Company for unpermitted construction,
  • investigate Williams Company for subverting local government control (bribery?) .

Also call your congressman and ask for CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATIONS
into oil and gas pipeline safety, infrastructure buildout, and natural gas exports.

Where is the Master Plan for US Energy Policy being decided?
and do WE THE PEOPLE have a seat at the table?

Our communities are under attack from many fronts relating to energy extraction.
We must provide a NATIONAL, MULTI-AGENCY response.

Additional numbers:
  • FERC: 1-866-208-3372
    Say: "Investigate Williams Company! Stop the Permits! Assess Cumulative Impacts!"

  • PHMSA: 202-366-4595
    Say: "Investigate Williams Safety Record! Make Enforcement Actions!"

  • DOE: 202-586-5000
    Say: "Stop the exports of Gas, Coal, Oil!
    Investigate Williams Company for Safety Violations!"
  • US Forest Service: 800-832-8355
    "NO FRACKING in US National Forests!
    Stop harassing artists!"
  • Contact YOUR congressman:
    MOST IMPORTANT! If you do just one action, do this!

    Phone: (202) 224-3121

    Say: "We want CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS on Energy Infrastructure, Pipeline safety, PR, Propaganda, and political corruption by the energy industry, and Oil+Gas Exports! Investigate the worst offenders: Exxon-Mobil, NiSource, Enbridge, and the Williams Company!"

Four Major US Tar Sands Spills in 2 years:
1: Yellowstone River July 2011, 67,000 gallons.
2: July 2012, Kalmazoo River, 1 M. gallons
3: March 2013, MN train derailment, 26,000 gal.
4: Mayflower AR, Mar 2013, 500,000 gal.

Sissonvile WV  12/2012

Mayflower Arkansas, Lake Conway
500,000 gal (12,000 bbls) DILBIT (Synthetic Crude)
Exxon Mobil is NOT telling the truth about ANYTHING! inc. the size of the spill,
the cause, prior safety inspections, or what was in the pipeline.

US Forest Service is "permitting" fracking in our National Forests,
AND threatening artists who remix Smokey with an anti-fracking message with JAIL!
Call them and say NO FRACKING!

Water AT RISK for 900,000 people
who live downstream from Mayflower Arkansas


Cuomo's DEC caught AGAIN colluding w/Industry.
Half-a-dozen prior incidents.

This is too horrible to mention. Is this patent proof that Halliburton
is using DEPLETED URANIUM in fracking Perf Guns?
What regulatory agency is watching over this?

Please get involved in this NATIONAL RESPONSE.
Make a call or two.
Or even just pass this note along.


May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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