Sunday, July 14, 2013

Here a news series I've just completed.
11 short videos about the Constitution Pipeline,
how and why to intervene.

(some of this info might be helpful to others fighting FERC projects
or other gas pipelines. I can create a more generic version at some
future point)

We have just 3 more days where people can sign up
as an intervenor hassle-free. You can still register after
July 17, but it is more difficult.

Please share this playlist if you can on your blogs, listservs,
and on social media.

I think the most helpful will be #4 and #11, as these give
specific instructions and a call to action (although each video
ends with a little "bumper" which gives the deadline and
a link to the website, )

On Facebook, be sure to like these pages to get updates.

Occupy the Constitution Pipeline

Official Page of the StopThePipeline organization

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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