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Fwd: "A message to President Obama from Vera in PA" -- Video Goes Viral Ahead of President Visit


Citizens for Clean Water / Shaleshock Media

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VIDEO: "A Message to President Obama -- from Vera in PA"
Goes Viral Ahead of Presidential Visit
(Montrose, PA) Vera Scroggins, of the group Citizens for Clean Water, has recorded
a Youtube video to the President ahead of his stop in the area this week with a simple message:

"Please come and let me take you on a tour of the Gas-fields of PA

The video has been watched over 300 times in the first 12 hours.

"He should see and experience what we are dealing with here", said Scroggins,
who has given over one hundred such tours for the last four years, "before he makes
any decision to support shale-gas extraction."

"The scale, the smells, the noise. the trucks... The changes we've experienced
here are beyond description,"
says Scroggins. "This is why I am personally
inviting the President for a private tour, so he can see for himself."

Scroggins has given Shale Gas "Reality Tours" to hundreds of Legislators, Civic Leaders,
Farmers, Scientists, Journalists, and Concerned Citizens from twelve countries, including
Canada, Poland, Germany, England, Japan, and the USA.

"We are also asking people to contact the White House and ask the the President take
time during his visit here:   202-456-1580", she said.

The video also features testimony from other victims of the Shale Gas Invasion, such as
Terry Greenwood, Carol Jean Moton, Rebecca Roter, Gerri Kane, Scott Ely,
Ray Kemble, Carol French, Jenny Smitzer, and Matt Manning, all of whom
have suffered various impacts: water and air quality, quality of life disturbances,
loss of property values, sickness, and/or deaths of animals and family members.

Material from eight videographers and photographers were compiled in the 9 min. video.

The video, titled, "A Message & Invitation to President Obama -- From Vera"
is on the Shaleshock Youtube channel.

Direct Link:

Contact: Vera Scroggins
Tel: 607-237-9685


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be happy and free from suffering :)
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