Saturday, August 3, 2013

Many Broome County leases seem to be dropping off... esp. Sanford

5:14 PM... IMPORTANT UPDATE: If you are a landowner with an expired lease and IF YOU WANT OUT, you may have to take action. Best advice: contact Joe Heath or Ellen Z. Harrison of (email: or call Ellen at 607-539-7133) or ask your personal attorney. -- BH

One of our best researchers just sent me this little tidbit:

Many gas leases in Broome County, esp. Town of Sanford seem to be dropping off:
Roll your pointer over the dates to see how the map changes.
Most current is to the left, oldest to the right.

Here is a little animation:
Broome County Leases Dropping Off (animation)
Broome County Leases Dropping Off (animation)

Here was the commentary which came along with this:

Please note: I do NOT know how accurate the Broome County map is.

I tried to verify some of the dropped leases by searching the Broome County Clerk's site (, but I found only one "release of lease" record for 2013.

Perhaps the Broome County map is based solely on the expiration date with no regard to the possibility of FM [Force Majure]? Or maybe these leases were formally released and the releases have not yet been put online at the county clerk's office.

Also, I think a lot of people probably don't know that they should get the lease formally released. But anyway, whatever is going on, the Broome County GIS map does show a large decrease in leased parcels.

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