Wednesday, September 4, 2013

1101 Carter Road, Dimock -- BEING DEMOLISHED TODAY!

Be sure to listen to this song by the Smithereens while you read this note:
"House We Used to Live in"
("House that we used to Live in")

You may remember our first listing in the MLS from Hell
(abandoned, uninhabitable homes due to water contamination from Gas Drilling)

This just in-- it's being demolished today!

Check the photos, by Pat Farnelli
Don't you love the Irony of the "Dimock Proud" sign?

Well this is a first! One of our listings is being REMOVED from the MLS From Hell,
but not because someone bought it! Heh heh.

We understand Cabot Oil and Gas didn't want an empty GHOST HOUSE
sitting around being an embarrassment.

Someone send this photo to Phelim "I'm a Journalist" McAleer.
You know, the LIAR producer of FrackNation who told all of the residents of
Carter Road that he was "making a movie to save Ireland from Fracking".

Now he's touring the nation telling people
"There is not one case of water contamination from fracking."

Explain this, Phelim!

The water contamination in Dimock is PERVASIVE. It's everywhere.
Dozens of cases you can see with your EYES.

Here's a $38,000 water filtration system which Cabot has been installing for
people with contamination wells in the area. This one is OFF LINE because
it DOESN'T WORK. (water still unpotable, family is back on delivered water)

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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