Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Imagine a Sphere 100' in Diameter made of Water and Toxic Chemicals

Something truly frightens me about this video.
So close to a dairy farm. Shot by Vera in Susquehanna County PA on Saturday:


Which started me thinking...

According to Skytruth, is the average for a frac-job in PA, is 4.3 million gallons of water.

I once calculated that this volume of water would be a sphere ~103 ft in diameter.

Let's let Wolfram Alpha check out my math:

Here is a disk 100' in diameter:
Pleasure Pier Ferris Wheel, Galvaston TX. 100' in Diameter.
Imagine this 100ft disc to be a sphere (like a globe). That would hold about 4 million gallons. 
Now imagine this volume of water pumped 1 mile underground. 

The Gas Industry says there is no risk of Earthquakes from Fracking.

Have a nice day!

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