Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dispatches from the Franklin Forks #2: Did WPX Energy Frack a Fault?

Hope you are paying attention to what's happening
in Frankin Forks PA. Susquehanna County.

Franklin Forks is the New Dimock.

Found a couple of interesting things:

1) In a Drilling Frenzy, did WPX Energy Frack a Fault in Franklin Forks?

As you check the evidence, ask yourself:

Why did the PA Legislature pass Act 13
increasing the "Presumed Liability" distance
from 1,000' to 2,500' (great, thanks),
when Cabot and other drillers were beginning
to commonly do 4,000' laterals?

2) WPX has brought in their Top Brass to do the Denying.

And we do mean brass.

WPX's PR operative on the ground is Susan Oliver,
who, according to her LinkedIn profile, is
 Lt. Col. Susan Oliver, US Army (ret) with a background
in Military Police and "Army Public Relations"
(which is sugar-coated "PSYOPS"):

Please-- we need more eyes on Franklin Forks now.

This story is BIG.

We have a small team of dedicated folks working on this now.
But we really need some help.

Big NGOs for legal assist.
Need Reporters, Photographers, Journalists on the ground.

There is a major environmental crisis here,
human rights, and democratic crisis unfolding here now.

Franklin Forks connects to MANY other stories,
including Dimock which will soon be revealed.

...stay tuned... lots more coming....

911 in Franklin Forks.
We need backup.

Please help if you can. We need:

1: Potable water,

2: Cash for legal defense and water tanks,

3: People calling NGOs, PA DEP, EPA
    and maybe DOJ for help (evidence of racketeering, criminal syndicates, anti-trust,
    biological terrorism, chemical trespass, sedition, bribary, and other high crimes here)

4: Calling News Media, Photo Journalists, and Bloggers
   to Report this important story.

Everyone needs clean water here:

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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