Friday, November 29, 2013

Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Explosion, Pettis County Missouri

A pipeline ruptured last night in Pettis County, MO.,
near Houstonia and Hughesville.

Pettis County MO, with NPMS pipeline data layered.

Operator: Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company.
Product: Natural Gas

Many conflicting reports about the precise location.

A is the location of a block valve, B is the location of the rupture/fre.

Here are maps showing the exact location.

Detail. A=Compressor Station, B=Block Valve, C=site of explosion

GPS values are approximate.

Site of explosion.
Rotate, Scale, add Proportion

Overlay screen grab from youtube video
Explosion site by day / Helicopter


Justin said...

Mr. Huston,

I am a GIS student with great interest in ensuring oil and gas industry accountability. I saw that you were able to overlay NPMS maps on Google Earth, and was wondering how you were able to do so? This would be very useful to me. Thank you for your assistance.

Justin Lyons

Bill Huston said...

Justin, please contact me by email: