Tuesday, December 17, 2013

NY PA Radio or TV Station FCC License Challenge

Couple of REALLY important deadlines coming up,
and a significant opportunity for media reform.

Radio and TV FCC licenses are up for renewal
in NY and PA
between June 2014 through Aug 2015.

This is a time when community groups can approach
the licensee and give feedback of the quality of programming.

Radio: Aug 2014
TV: Aug 2015

New York
Radio:Jun 2014
TV: Jun 2015

This window is only open
once every eight years.

Very few groups take advantage of this process.

  • Are you unhappy with a local broadcaster's news coverage?
    (or lack thereof?)

  • Are issues important to you being overlooked or ill represented?

  • What about your local NPR or PBS affiliate?
    Are they suitably PUBLIC to you?
    Are their airwaves accessible to you?
    Or do they play Classical Music and Sesame Street all day?
NOW is the time
to present your list of grievances!

The general process is called a PETITION TO DENY,
but it should be predicated by a COMMUNITY NEEDS ASSESSMENT
and also NEGOTIATION with the licensee.

Ideally this process takes at least one full year --- so plenty of time for TV challenge.
There is still time to affect Radio Licenses too... this cycle.

Begin by downloading the Free Press Action Guide,
As speakers, we all have a right of access to our Broadcast Commons.
As listeners, we have a right of access to diverse information sources.

Share this info with other groups working for peace and sustainability.

Ring or email me if you want more info. :)
(Email is preferred)

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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