Thursday, December 19, 2013

USGS NY Methane Study: Highest reading in NY ~1,000'ft from PA drilling

I've been looking at the new USGS study of methane in groundwater in south-central NY:
One feature jumped out at me as being interesting:

The highest concentration of methane found in the study was ~1,000'ft from the horizontal well bore of the "Coyle North 1, 5H" well on Baptist Hill Road, in Liberty Township, Susquehanna County.

See the attached map:

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August Braun said...

Mr. Huston: I just got off of the Pressconnects article on NY methane test results and a poster claims that the well bore end is over 4,000 ft away from the USGS test well and not 1,000 ft as you claim. I double checked him and he is correct. It is over 4,200 ft from the end of the well bore that terminates at the NY border. I respectfully suggest you double check using Google Earth ruler function and do a line measure.

Bill Huston said...

Thanks. I am reviewing this and will publish an update soon.

Frack Daddy said...

August, This is classic Bill, about 25% of he says is true. Still waiting on that correction I see. I would not hold your breath!

Bill Huston said...

The distances I cite are very close to being correct. A lot closer from the USGS test well to the end of the horizontal borethan August Braun's, which are WAY off. The method I used relies upon geo-true GPS measurements which is a lot more precise than Google Earth's ruler.

For example: The lateral length of of the Coyle North 1 5H is 4887'ft long, which takes us to 50' from the state line. Now this is a hypotenuse, so it's slightly longer than the linear distance, which is probably more like ~4500'.

So ~4,500'ft from the bore hole to the state line, plus ~1,000' into NY to the USGS well = ~5,500'ft from the well bore to the USGS test well. Those values are accurate to +/- 10%.

What I am trying to verify is whether the the Coyle North 1 5H has actually been spudded.

So again, the real important data-point is that the highest reading in NY is very close to PA drilling, either ~1,000'ft to the end of the lateral (assuming Coyle 1 5H has been drilled) or ~5,500'ft to the bore hold if the well went the other direction, which is even more damning, because it is over 1 mile away.