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Remember ITRR & PA Dept of Homeland Security (2010)? ... Well guess what....

Remember ITRR & PA Dept of Homeland Security (2010)
where government agents were caught spying on citizens
who attended Gasland screenings?

... Well guess what....

They're baack!
(...albeit in a slightly different form...)

check it:

The above document was authored by the same cop, Ofc. Michael Hutson,
who just visited and interrogated Dr. Wendy Lynne Lee.
He's also connected to the FBI and Homeland Security.

Wendy is a friend of mine. She is a PhD academic, a vegetarian,
and 100% committed to non-violence. She is a prolific photographer,
documenting shale gas impacts and direct actions all over Pennsylvania.
He was investigating some incidents where pipe bombs were discovered
on gas well sites.

Say what?

Dr. Lee?
They certainly have the wrong gal here.

Wendy was quite disturbed by the visit, and also finding one of her photographs
included in the document above by the FBI / PA State Police Bureau of Investigation
Joint Terrorism Task Force
, which documents "Eco Terrorism" and "Environmental Extremists".

Terrorism? Wendy?
C'mon. Get real.

I have rarely encountered "black-bloc" types in the 15 years I've been working
in the environmental and peace movements. They are NOT in the mainstream,
and they are extremely rare.

Out of thousands of people I've met, I would characterize maybe one as
an "extremist", and this was years ago.

And many of us in this movement think these incidents with "strange objects"
found on well sites are really either

a) industry-staged, in order to implicate, intimidate, frighten, and neutralize activists, or
b) counter-ops and covert training exercises staged by the police themselves.

Certainly these visits made to the homes of activists by the police
are meant to intimidate and dissuade people from photographing
the actual harms which the gas industry are reaping in a mass-scale.

Look at what the gas industry is doing to Vera Scroggins.
(SLAPP lawsuit, ridiculous and over-the-top personal defamation).

Look at what they did to Steve Lipsky -- contaminated his water, then sued HIM for millions!
Blogger Texas Sharon (Wilson) was similarly dragged though the courts by Range Resources,
-- a company which admits to hiring ex-military PSYOPS officers as counter-terrorism.

We have been seeing over these last few years a troubling trend--
that is THE POLICE-- who are charged with a mission of PUBLIC SAFETY--
are increasingly being enticed to work as Private Security for the Oil+Gas Industry.

What's the problem with that?

Because this is the same industry which is posing the greatest
THREAT to public safety
to our communities. It seems to me the
real "eco-terrorists" are the O+G industry, as they destroy the land, air,
and water which we need to live, for profits.

Thanks to people like Senator Jim Ferlo who beat back the ITRR / Homeland Security thugs
who were spying on ordinary citizens in the Commonwealth in 2010.

Let's hope this new threat can again be exposed....

More to follow---
May want to get this all out the your friends in the media...

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UPDATE: 6-1-2015:

This is a HUGE story in Pennsylvania now--
Kinder Morgan hires off-duty cops to "deter" protests:
This is s systemic problem which is happening all over.Here is video of someone filming the emergency shutdown
and flaring at the Tesoro refinery in Salt Lake City,
and he is detained by an off-duty SLC Cop working
for Tesoro, in uniform and driving an official vehicle!

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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