Sunday, March 9, 2014

INTENSE: CPV Power Plant hearing (video)

Wow-- this is intense... 
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Video #1: Locals opposing the CPV power plant are outnumbered by 10:1 by
big Union guys crying "Jobs!". 

Still, some really excellent and passionate testimony despite the bullying.

From The Environment TV

Video #2: From the same hearing:
Leland Snyder captured this: "Off the Record"
Kinda interesting:

An ALJ from the NYS PSC receiving comments
about the CPV VALLEY petition to operate
a methane-fired electric power plant in Orange County NY.

He talks about Home Rule
and says the citing decision rests properly with
the local planning board.

Outraged members of the public say,
"but we didn't know about this"and the dude just shrugs.

This is the best part:

He says it is outside the legal authority of the NYS-PSC
to examine impacts
such as human health impacts
of fracking
, or even massive public disapproval,
as within its scope to reject this permit.

Yes, an ALJ with the NY Public Service Commission basically
says it is USELESS to challenge the permit based on
anything YOU have to say about undesirable environmental
and human health impacts.


This will come as no surprise to graduates of
CELDF's Democracy School.

We are well trained in the history clearly showing that
the entire system of regulating and permitting
is designed to serve an industrial agenda.

It is a deceit to channel our energies
into arenas where we have no power.

BH Opinion: We seriously need to learn to
think more creatively,
rather than engaging with them in within the
rules of their rigged game.

I hate to admit it,
but it looks like Mike Bernhard
was (mostly) right in his predictions here:

Although he says it in a way which is more like
a curse ("it will happen") rather than a prediction.

Intellectually, I knew he was right,
but I think I had to go though the full
process to see it fail
to serve the public interest.

Here's a great video by the co-founder
of Democracy School, Tom Linzey,
who suggests a legislative approach
which is showing great promise:

It's time to think outside the box, people.

To those who think "science will save us",
I suggest looking BEYOND science.

Suggest you look towards spirituality and metaphysics
(e.g., Buddhism, Yoga, Meditation),
as I am convinced these can provide an activist a source of
incredible and untapped Divine Source energy
which is far beyond what is available in material realms.


May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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