Wednesday, May 14, 2014

To: 4x PA Dems for Governor: Please visit DIMOCK!

I just sent this to all four Democratic candidates for Governor in Pennsylvania.
I suggest you do the same!

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Here is my sample letter. 
PLEASE write your own!!


Dear ------,

While I live in New York, I am very concerned about
fracking in NE PA, which is upstream from 400,000
New York residents, including me.

Despite what industry PR reps say,
Water contamination complaints due to gas drilling in NE PA
is extremely widespread --
313 families private water
wells impacted in six counties.

I created this map from PA DEP records obtained by
Laura Legere of the Scranton Times Tribune.
It uses a log-scale, so each color change represents
approximately a doubling of water contamination complaints:

It concerns me greatly that among the four Democratic Candidates,
that NOT ONE supports a statewide moratorium, despite the fact
that your own party voted to support it.

In fact, on the issue of fracking, there is virtually NO DISTINCTION
amongst you
.  (* Fund the schools on a severance tax, and
* Moratorium on fracking on public lands)

Finally, it is most troubling to me that while all of you are pro-fracking,
NONE of you have visited affected regions and met with impacted families.

LIST OF THE HARMED:  Here is a list of 6,000 families who have been
harmed by fracking, many are in Pennsylvania:

I am suggesting that you schedule a visit to Dimock, Susquehanna County(as a token gesture of your concern for these victims)

To arrange a tour, the best contact is Vera Scroggins: 607-237-9685
She has given tours for thousands of people from all over the world,
including farmers, journalists, scientists, and diplomats.

As an alternate, you can contact Craig Stevens: 570-967-2280
Thank you for considering this request.

William Huston

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)


Let's deluge the campaigns with posts, tweets, calls, and emails early and often! Tell the candidates to go to Dimock, Franklin Forks, Terry, Azilum, Lenox, Sheshequin, and dozens of other places in NE PA and SW PA and meet the victims of water contamination from shale gas development.

Tom Wolf
York Office
Phone: 717-650-1912
Philadelphia Office
Phone: 267-279-4393
Pittsburgh Office
Phone: 412-576-4207
Twitter: @WolfforPA

Allyson Schwartz
(215) 881-9202
Twitter: @AllysonSchwartz

Rob McCord
Bryn Mawr (Philadelphia)
Phone: (610) 523-9000
Phone: (412) 533-2128
Twiiter: @RobMcCordPA

Katie McGinty
Phone: (215) 560-8200
Twitter: @McGintyforGov

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