Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Auspicious Number (400,000) signifies Rare Opportunity

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1:Crisis -- 2:Response -- 3:Opportunity

    400,000 years of climate record

    in the Vostok Ice Core Samples
    signals pending climate catastrophe.
Note: "You are here" is off the charts

The ice layer at the South Pole near Vostok Station is melting at an unprecedented rate.
  • RESPONSE! 400,000:
    Attendance at the People's Climate March

  • And a RARE Opportunity!
    400,000 NYers
    are now polling for
    Howie Hawkins!

    A true progressive in every way.
    Presently polling at 9%
    according to latest Quinipiac Poll 10-8-2014. 

    We can expect 4.5M people to vote.

    Let's Do the Math:
    4,500,000 * 0.9 = ~400,000. 

    If each of us got 8 Friends for Howie(*)
    we could reach 3 Million NYers!

    (* it's the Eight Friends for Howie Challenge!)

    In a 3-way race,
    we only need 1.5M for the win!

    This is unprecedented!
    A miracle opportunity!
We have never had this combination of elements in at least 30 years or more!

  • Friends, This like a planetary alignment!
    An extremely rare moment. Like Hailey's Comet.
    A Once in a Lifetime Door of Opportunity!
Friendly reminder: In Pennsylvania,
they don't have a candidate:

Anti-Frackers in PA:

(Speaking of ONLY the Governor's Race)

In NY --- we DO have a GREAT Candidate!!! 

Howie Hawkins
(Amazing Progressive Candidate for Governor of NY)

People, this is like Hailey's Comet.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime Alignment of Factors.

It's like all the planets in a row.

I have never seen a set-up like this.
GET 8 Friends for Howie!!

Election is Nov 4th 2014!

OM! Shanti Shanti Shanti!
400,000 Signals an Auspicious Time!!

If New York -- a major-ass state in World Affairs --
-- and the ONLY ONE to keep Fracking Away so far...
could elect a Climate Protective Progressive

This would send a wave around the world!

God bless you all and everyone.

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