Monday, October 6, 2014

Broadcast Hoaxes / Vic Furman + Doug McClinko

Listen to the Vic Furman show, then register a complaint with the FCC:

Concerning Vic Furman, Doug McLinko, and Frank George Chernega's
show tonight on WNBF 1290 AM.

§ 73.1217 Broadcast hoaxes.

No licensee or permittee of any
broadcast station shall broadcast false
information concerning a crime or a catastrophe if:

(a) The licensee knows this information
is false;

(b) It is forseeable that broadcast of
the information will cause substantial
public harm, and

(c) Broadcast of the information does
in fact directly cause substantial public

Any programming accompanied by a
disclaimer will be presumed not to pose
foreseeable harm if the disclaimer
clearly characterizes the program as a
fiction and is presented in a way that
is reasonable under the circumstances.

NOTE: For purposes of this rule, ''public
harm'' must begin immediately, and cause
direct and actual damage to property or to
the health or safety of the general public, or
diversion of law enforcement or other public
health and safety authorities from their duties.

The public harm will be deemed foreseeable
if the licensee could expect with a significant
degree of certainty that public harm
would occur.

A ''crime'' is any act or omission
that makes the offender subject to
criminal punishment by law.

A ''catastrophe'' is a disaster or imminent disaster
involving violent or sudden event affecting
the public.

[57 FR 28640, June 26, 1992]

Here is the link to make an FCC Complaint:
  1. Townsquare Media
  2. a) WNBF b) 1290 c) Binghamton NY
  3. (omit)
  4. a) Local program b) Vic Furman/JLCNY Paid Programming c) 10/5/2014 d) 7 00 PM
  5. a) 10/5/2014 b)  7 00 PM c) Text of your complaint

  1. (omit)
  2. a) WNBF b) 1290 c) Binghamton NY
    d) 10/5/2014; 
    7 00 PM;  Vic Furman JLCNY Infomercial
    e) Text of your complaint
  3. (skip)

Please email me with your analysis and I will update my blog.

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