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Dominion New Market -- random notes

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I have been researching the following topics:
1) What is the existing capacity of the Dominion New Markets Project?

2) What is the history? When first constructed? When Looped?

3) Why take gas from Leidy, PA (Clinton Co.)
to Ft Plain, NY (Montgomery Co), if the gas is going to Brooklyn, NY?
I don't have any real answers yet, but I found some interesting

Shortest distance between two points is...?

Contracts begin at Leidy Hub (A) or Sabinsville PA (B)
for receipt to Iroquois at (H).

So why take such a long route to get to Brooklyn
when there are at least 4 pipelines which provide a shorter distance?

Iroquois Pipeline Links Dominion, Constitution, and Algonquin


Iroquois links Dominion, Constitution, and Algonquin pipelines
and also to proposed LNG export terminals in Canada

Iroquois wants to ship 300,000 Dth/day to Canada.
Canajoharie is near Ft. Plain

What is the true capacity of the Dominion New Market Project?

While the New Market Project is for 112,000 Dth/day capacity,
the previously proposed "Iroquois Access" attempted to ship up to 275,000 dt/d.
(This was never submitted to FERC as far as I can see)
Iroquois recently held ANOTHER open season recently
seeking to ship 250,000 dt/d.

Apparently they settled for 112,000 dt/d via 2 customers.
Madison County Map

After the Sabinsville to Morrisville expansion CP12-19, CP12-20,
Dominion is delivering 92,000 Dth/day to the Tennessee Pipeline
in Morrisville (yellow circle) near the college.

History of the Pipeline Ownership

If you are searching the history of this pipeline, you will NOT find it if you are searching for Dominion. Prior to 1965 the owner was called "NY State Natural Gas Corporation".  Then it became the "Consolidated Gas Supply Corp" or the "Consolidated System". In 1984, the owner became "Consolidated Gas Transmission Corp." Then in 1988 it became "CNG Transmission". Finally, in 2000, it became "Dominion Transmission".

Confused yet?

Dominion Recent Expansion Projects:

Notice on this map that the segment presently being expanded
is currently transporting at least 92,000 dt/d


"Dominion is Comparatively Insignificant"

So says Levitan & Assoc.

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