Wednesday, October 8, 2014


There are many eyes on FERC now. 
Here is their Chairman, Cheryl A. LaFleur.

Madam Chairman --

I speak as an individual, not for any group.
But I speak for many.

This is a WRIT of the People

  • We have come to understand that FERC is a rogue agency,
    defies the People's Law and ignores directives of the Federal Courts.
  • We can see that FERC's public participation process is a Farce and a FRAUD
    in violation of Federal Law and the United States Constitution.
  • FERC has unconscionably delegated important permitting authority
    to the American Petroleum Institute, without authorization from Congress.
  • FERC allows --without sanction!-- jurisdictional facilities to be constructed
    WITHOUT A PERMIT, in violation of the Natural Gas Act.
  • FERC makes urgent safety decisions based on obsolete models (such as
    "High Consequence Areas" and "Potential Impact Radius") which places
    many lives at risk.

  • FERC allows people in rural areas to be exposed to exceptional and unacceptable risks
    for the benefit of corporate profits, in violation of the United States Constitution's promise
    of Equal Protection of the Law.
  • FERC has failed to consider upstream and downstream impacts of Fracked Gas,
    which has been requested, demanded in DOZENS of different dockets.
  • FERC routinely fails to consider the NO ACTION alternative,
    despite the pleas of The People and as required by Federal Law (NEPA). 
  • FERC continues to SEGMENT projects, in violation of National Environmental
    Policy Act, and in DEFIANCE of the order of a Federal Judge.
  • FERC derives its authority from Congress, which derives its just powers
    from We the People.

    Yet FERC clearly regards the People of these states with contempt,
    and acts in utter disregard for our safety and well-being.
  • FERC routinely denies rehearing requests, and when granted, favors industry
    in every case
    , in violation of your charter to uphold the Public Interest, Convenience,
    and Necessity.
  • In many cases, FERC is complicit in allowing a loud MOB of bussed in bullies
    to intimidate affected parties who come to public hearings to express legitimate
    environmental and safety concerns.
  • By granting permits to pipeline companies which operate using FRAUD, COERCION,
    operating as a CRIMINAL SYNDICATE under the definition of the RICO Act, which
    was created to serve "the elimination of the infiltration of organized crime and
    into legitimate organizations operating in interstate commerce".
  • FERC is complicit in hiding critical safety information from The People necessary
    for us to understand the safety risks, or to perform an independent safety audit.
  • FERC is guilty of allowing Fraudulent, Incomplete, and Deceptive filings
    to be made by industry without consequence in violation of the Natural Gas Act.
  • FERC grants permits to corporations with atrocious safety and compliance records,
    in violation of the Natural Gas Act, which says in such cases, the "application shall
    be denied"

Chairman, Cheryl A. LaFleur -- HEAR THIS NOW!

The FERC Commissioners are acting in ways
which clearly place MANY HUMAN LIVES AT RISK.

We consider these activities ILLEGAL and CRIMINAL.
FERC-- Here THIS!  

these unlawful and treasonous activities.

We DEMAND that you obey the Natural Gas Act,
and the National Environmental Policy Act
and all laws of the Nation and these States.


May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

Don't forget to sign the
Pledge to Resist
the Constitution Pipeline:


pritcharddesign said...

Do you have resources to back up things you've written in this post?

Bill Huston said...

Blogger pritcharddesign said:
> Do you have resources to back up things you've written in this post

Sure. Which assertion(s) do you want support for?