Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Dominion New Market Project-Killer

How Pipeline Corrosion affects Operating Pressure*

(* or, "Why putting 33,000 HP of additional compression
     into a 50 y/o pipe might not be such a smart idea.")

In fact, it is a really stupid idea.
In my opinion, this goes right to the core
of why this project should be rejected.
In a nutshell:

A Steel Pipeline stores lots of potential energy.
  • A Steel Pipe in the ground is also a Battery
    Stores Potential Energy (chemically).
  • A Compressed Spring or a Piano Wire under tension
    stores energy mechanically .

  • A Rolled Steel Pipe is like a compressed spring
    or a tight piano wire.

  • Stored potential energy, like a wound spring,
    wants to release this energy, often with
    catastrophic results.

  • The Dominion Pipeline Transports Mostly Methane. 
  • Methane is stored (chemical) Energy.

  • The Dominion pipeline transports now AT LEAST 92,000 dth/d.
    + 112,000 dth/day New Market = 204,000 dth/day.

  • This is equivalent energy of 3 Hiroshima Bombs per day. 

Corrosion affects Max Operating Pressure

  • Pipe Corrosion is Inevitable
    This is due to the "battery" effect stored in the metal.

  • Metal Corrosion is Metal Loss
    The wall thickness will DECREASE over time.

  • Pipe Thickness Determines Max Safe Operating Pressure
    SEE: Barlow's Formula:

    P=Max Safe Operating Pressure        S=Material Yeild Strength
    T=wall Thickness                                OD=DIameter
    SF=Safety Factor
  • THEREFORE: the Max Safe Pressure MUST DECREASE Over Time

    PRESSURE on a 55 y/o pipe

  • This defies what physics demands.

This short video about Cathodic Protection (CP) talks a lot about corrosion.
Warning: he is a salesman for CP systems, so he is a little over-optomistic
about the effectiveness about CP's ability to PREVENT corrosion. If you
watch the whole thing, the truth is revealed.

I talked about Barlow's Formula (which determines
the Maximum Pressure for a pipeline) here:
Watch from 27:09 to ~31:30.

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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