Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I just heard you endorsed Howie! 
This is HUGE!


  • Also Don Barber, supervisor town of Caroline, prominent Democrat
  • Seth Peacock, Ithaca's first Black Judge and prominent Democrat
  • Matt Ryan, former Mayor of Binghamton, prominent Democrat!
  • Walter Hang wrote, "Howie Hawkins, the honorable Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate,
    killing the DOH "review" and the Draft SGEIS.  He also pledged to ban fracking if elected."
  • Cris McConkey, Shaleshock Media -- "Business as usual is no longer an option. I MUST vote for Howie."

Know of any other big-name academics, scientists,
health professional, or attorneys etc
who want to join the winning team?

Mathematically, the WIN is easy to demonstrate:
  • 1 person gets 8 friends
      in one day. (yes, a stretch goal).

  • Then these each get 8 more next day.
In just 7 days we reach 2.0 million people.
(8 ^ 7) = 2,097,152

We have 20 days and only need 1.5 M for the win.

(We get a BIG PUSH from early celebrity
endorsements like yours!)

We have the internet!
and phones and our legs.

If someone can make a shnazzy video
to give this message, and if the video gets ... say 4,000 hits,

if this video can translate into just 4,000 viewers 
motivated to get 8 friends, etc...
then we just need 3 days to reach 2M people.

Remember this? (our recent history)

  • 13,000 comments on the dSGEIS
    -- A Miracle!

  • 67,000 comments on the rdSGEIS
    -- NO WAY! Another Miracle!

  • 204,000 comments on the regs
    -- Wow... A lucky streak? (over Christmas too!)

  • 400,000 people in the streets
    NYC / People's Climate March -- Holy God.

    For a moment, even the frackers got silent and took notice.

Four Miracles in a Row?
Can we make ONE MORE?
1,500,000?  => YES it is possible!!!

Speaking of 400,000... Here is 400,000 years of climate record:

So it seems urgent that we take BOLD ACTION.

Pennsylvania does not have a candidate.
WE* DO!!
(*New York)

With Howie, it's like we're holding an ACE
and the Blackjack table has a HOT DECK
(lots of 10 cards left). 

The winning strategy is to signal ALL OF OUR FRIENDS
to this table and to MAKE BIG BETS!
  • Precipice of Climate Catastrophe
  • PLUS Massive Social Movement in response
  • PLUS a STRONG progressive candidate for a major US State!
I have never seen a setup like this in 30 years or more.

I am praying that we fully take advantage of this opportunity.
God bless you my friend Bob Howarth!!!
We can turn this into
100,000 votes for Howie OR MORE!

Howie was at 60,000 four years ago
+ est. 100,000 more votes due to your endorsement alone
= 160,000 => now rough guess,
maybe 300,000.

We only need to get each present Howie supporter
to each get 5-10 more  FOR THE WIN in 20 days.


Thank you x 10,000!!

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

Don't forget to sign the
Pledge to Resist
the Constitution Pipeline:

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