Friday, October 31, 2014

The English word LOVE is 100% pure confusion

I am convinced one reason why Western Civilization is so confused, is due to our language. This only became fully realized when I studied Sanskrit.

The English word "Love" is one such example. This word has connotative meanings, which in Sanskrit, are complete opposites. It's like Orwell's Doublethink.

It all boils down to this basic paradox.
The essence of Love happiness, an ecstatic emotion. Yet, 
  • Love can mean attachment (special love, sense pleasure love, material fetish love)
  • Or Love can mean non-attachment (compassion, universal love, patience, gratitude). 

In other words: War is Peace. 

This became very clear to me, only after I studied Sanskrit.
Many spiritual texts are written in Sanskrit, because it is so precise and clear.

One cluster of the Sanskrit words which can translate into English "Love" are better defined as
  • Sense Pleasure (5 senses + imagination)
  • Satisfying a Craving or Thirst
  • Sex
  • Wealth, Commodity Fetishism
  • Attachment (many kinds)
  • Ego (Pride in the Story of Self)
  • Special Love: for your life partner. Love for your children, siblings, parents
  • Pride in Family, Clan, Tribe, State, Nation, Flag, Team
    (These are all forms of "Special Love" Conditional Love, non-universal love)

The above meanings of LOVE are offensive to what we generally consider to be TRUE LOVE, which are roughly defined by a constellation of Sanskrit words which are better translated as:
  • Ecstasy, Bliss (emotion) -- emotions can be largely sensed in the body, although originate in a pure mind-state
  • Compassion - may all beings be free from suffering
  • Universal Love / Unconditional Love -- all beings deserve happiness
  • Sympathetic Joy -- Radiate and reflect the joy of others (This is the antidote to jealousy)
  • Loving-Kindness -- radiate it to the world!
  • Equanimity (non-attachment, calm, patience, gratitude)

Here is a table:

English word "Love" has many meanings.

When translated into Sanskrit, some

Kleshas are  not necessarily bad things!

Ego and Material Wealth are useful for householder living.

Sense pleasure craving is
to some degree necessary for Householders to live in the world!

The point about Kleshas is this:

Kleshas are not ultimate Truth.
Kleshas will bind you to Samsara.

Which is fine,
if that's what YOU want!

When I say "you"
I mean the ultimate, singular
Divine God Conscious
of the Universe

The Higher Truth is
that all of these things
are born of the delusion
of separation.

Kleshas bring a temporary happiness,
but soon you want more.

The bowl has a hole.
It can never be filled up,
for long.

Kleshas, Hinderances
I love my chocolate
sense pleasure, craving
tanha, raga
Make Love
sex, craving, sense pleasure
Love my Cadillac
wealth, commodity fetishism, craving
I love the story of me!!
ego, pride,
craving for either
life or death,

craving satisfaction
in the realm of story.

Love my kids, family, clan, nation.
Because We're special!!!

special love,
attachment, pride

mana, asmita
I love being outdoors! / Love God / Love Life,  Love is Happiness Ecstatic emotion
sat chit ananda,

 True Universal Love
I love all beings, and wish their suffering would cease
I love it when others are happy!
Sympathetic Joy mudita
I radiate love to all. and wish them happiness. Loving kindness
I love by releasing, "observe and allow".  non-attachment.

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