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Bill Huston's PD Toolkit

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Bill Huston's PD (Pure Data) Modular Synthesizer Toolkit

8/15/2015 BH PD Toolkit Version 2.0 BETA 3 Just Released! Now includes the patch for the track Klaus Dot PD ("KlausSchulzeMirageCrystalLake.PD")  -- Please read the README in the Documentation Folder!)


Release notes: These are a few (but not all) of my latest modules (abstractions in PD lingo). There is a major update to my Sampler-Looper which is now included here!

If you want to experiment with the toolkit, PLEASE read the documentation, and begin with "3OscDEMO0-StartHereFirst", then work your way up. There's not a lot of documentation now. I can answer questions as time permits:

NOTE: USE CAUTION WITH ECHO-REVERB UNIT!!-- this module uses regenerative feedback  and can "explode" if you use too much. Use the big red PANIC button if you get in trouble. You can get some really cool effects using regenerative feedback,  such as the "deep space" middle section of my new track "Hiroshima70".

THIS IS BETA! Not well documented yet.
USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, especially the abstraction called "BillEchoVerb~.pd".

Release notes:

  • 8/6/2015 - BH PD Toolkit 2.0 Beta 01 released
  • 8/8/2015-- I have fixed some things, made the BillEchoVerb~ safer to use, and also added my latest version of my looper!
  • 8/15/2015-- Added patch for Klaus Dot PD, some other minor changes.
  • 8/31/15 -- Published to Github:

Have fun!

Here is a link to my Soundcloud channel, where you can get a sample of what can be done with this toolkit. (All tracks except Elephantosity, which was created with Martin Brinkmann's Chaosmonster1 instrument).  The tracks "Fear of Industrialization", "Live Long and Prosper", "I've had enough / Omara Remix", "Cheryl Lafleur / 430,000 trees" were all created with the NEW sampler-looper. The tracks "Metro Global 127", "Snake Charmer", "Nostalgia", and "Lifetime Opportunity" were all created with my 2.0 Library (not all modules are released in the BETA package). The track "Ready AIM, FERC" is a hybrid edit, including both Sampler-Looper and my 2.0 Modular Library.

Release Notes from Version 0.1: 12/14/2014

I call it MultiLooper.pd
I distribute it as "Looper-Reverb".
It's a couple of very useful patch abstractions.

This is a beta release to the PD community for feedback.


This is a simple looper abstractions based on
a PD tutorial by Dr. Rafael Hernandez.
I added sliders to scub back and forth
at different rates.

I also added a pan [hslider], and an LFO
which can be enabled to move it.
You can adjust the rate, amplitude, and offset.

(* actually you will find looper1.pd and looper2.pd due to a namespace collision which I couldn't solve -- this is beta code!)


Nothing fancy, just an abstraction which allows adjusting
certain common reverb parameters.

The combination of these two modules is proving to be
extremely versatile in my sound-design work (for video).

I have included links to two different versions.

  1. PD Source Code + sample sounds from Freesound. (11MB)
  2. PD Source Code only. (57 Kb)
  3. Sample track: Fear of Industrialization

    This track was extremely simple to produce, requiring just two samples: a crash cymbal sample played backwards and auto-panned, and a slowed and scratched sample of some metal pipes being rolled around on a concrete floor (From Freesound).

I will post a video soon showing how to use these.

Link to this:

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
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