Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Oneonta hearing will be online today

For the next few months, I will be publishing most of my
stuff to the Youtube channel "NY Friends of Clean Air and Water"
and not "Shaleshock" (which has a copyright strike preventing us
from uploading longer videos).

I have a playlist started for the Oneonta hearings.
There will be 4 segments, all about an hour long. (Last segment is ~46m).
Or you can use this: TinyURL.com/CPDECOneonta011315

Segments 3,4 are online now.
Segment 2 will be online about noon (or a little before).
Segment 1 will be online by ~3pm, but I may not get it added to
the playlist until after 5pm or so.

This took a while to put together due to it being a 2-cam shot.
There is still a slight audio-sync issue, but it's "close enough".

People who want certain segments extracted, I suggest using
a service like tubechop EmbedPlus snipsnip youtubetime.
May want to read this or this.

Cobleskill should go much faster, as there is less work to do,
but I'm seriously multi-tasking next few days.
I appreciate you patience.


May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

Don't forget to sign the
Pledge to Resist
the Constitution Pipeline:

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