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"Pre-Construction Tree Clearing"

Tree clearing is considered to be "pre-construction" by FERC.
(h/t: Alex Lotorto)
(behind a paywall, but relevant excerpt is below)

Law360, New York (February 13, 2012,  5:45 PM ET) --

A federal agency on Monday authorized pre-construction tree clearing* in Pennsylvania for a $257 million gas pipeline project by Central New York Oil and Gas Co. LLC and denied a stay requested by environmental groups opposed to the project.  (* emphasis added)

Also note that "tree clearing" (stump removal with machines)  is not the same as "tree cutting".

Please be on watch. Remember this is a war being waged against us.

There are very smart Generals on their side who have designed this arena to disempower us.

I believe there are cunning* language experts at work here who have carefully designed the language used in order confuse us about the status, and to catch us off guard.

cunning: adjective 1. having or showing skill in achieving one's ends by deceit or evasion.)

I agree with what others from STP have said-- there seem to be many signals coming now which seem to be saying: "CP cannot legally proceed."

CP is asking for a 60 day delay to file their implementation plan. AFTER the tree clearing window is closed. 

Which could tend to lull us into a sense* of security.  (* possibly false)
However, I urge us all to consider the potential costs of being wrong on this point, are extremely grave.

In Game Theory, when one possible outcome is "extremely grave consequence", then this is the condition which should trigger the Precautionary Principle. It requires extreme caution, care, consideration.of all possibilities and an open discussion of the facts. This is all I am asking.

In fact, in court filings in the Northern District of NY, approximately 80 condemnation cases,  CP repeats again and again these properties MUST be condemned by Feb 16th  in order to meet the demands of "FERC's Order". 

Look at that date of that news article above about concerning the TGP construction 3 years ago: (February 13, 2012)

Huh. Same time as now.

This same situation plays out, again and again. They have this down to a science. They cut the trees BEFORE all the permits are in place, and issue signals to make you think THAT IT WILL NOT BE HAPPENING to catch everyone off guard.

Again: Tree clearing is NOT considered construction by FERC.

Once those trees are down, it begins a process that moves with the inertia  of a freight train coming at you the speed of sound.
Here is a Koan I wrote, in the tradition of Zen.  I call it a Pine Koan, after the largely  coniferous forests of Central New York.

What is the sound
of one chainsaw starting?
What is the sound
of its tungsten blade
as it first bites into
the frozen bark?

What is the sound of a single tree
hitting the forest floor?
Or ten? Or ten thousand?

What is the sound of Democracy, lost?
of our Constitution shredded by lust
and greed?

What is the sound of a single sleeping mouse
shredded to bits with a machine?

Did anyone hear?
What if 430,000 trees
are felled in the woods,
and no one comes to witness,
does it make a sound?

I hope to see a big turnout next Sunday

WHERE: Franklin United Methodist Church (Delaware Co)
465 Main St Franklin, NY 13775
WHEN: Sunday Feb 15, 1:30pm
WHAT: Community Meeting and Legal Observer Training.

Thank you for reading this.

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

Don't forget to sign the
Pledge to Resist
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