Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gerry Wiley and Wes Ernsberger, arrested and jailed at FERC yesterday.

At a little before 9am yesterday, Gerri Wiley and Wes Ernsberger of RAFT (Tioga county) who were engaged in blockading the SW entrance of FERC building in Washington DC, did not move after being given 3 warnings, and were arrested along with at least 3 others.

FERC is accused of being a captured "rogue agency", which rubber stamps permit applications for pipelines, LNG, gas storage, and compressor stations.

Two other entrances are still being blockaded. Other NYers present include Caapt. Ray Lewis, Pete Bevalaqua, and Suzy Winkler, of Stop the Pipeline.

I just heard that Gerri, Wes, #BXE organizer Steve Norris, who along with two others were arrested yesterday blocking entrance to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in Washington DC, spent the night in jail.

This is a CHANGE in the established protocol from last year, where people were given an appearance ticket, and released without even being fingerprinted.

They are scheduled to be arraigned today. I will update you when I hear more.

For now, keep these brave Climate Heroes in your thoughts and prayers.



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