Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Why Civil Disobedience? Isn't that extreme?

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When we were down in DC for Stop the #FERCus / #BXE
I had the opportunity to interview Steve Norris, as he
laid on the ground blocking a gate,
while two or three big cops towered over him.
I asked him, and others there,
(rhetorically--- for the camera),

Why block entrance to a building?
Doesn't that seem a little bit extreme?

Steve answered,
"No. THEY are the ones who are extreme."
He glanced over at the FERC building. 

I asked Gerri Wiley,
"Why not make substantive comments on the Docket?
Why not write a letter to your Congressman?"

She just laughed at me!

(as I expected :) )
Gerri has been one of the core crew of NY Fractivists. I have seen her at many events over these last 5 years. Of course I knew she any many others have written dozens of letters.

Steve Norris, Gerri Wiley, Wes Ernsberger, and Sydney Grange being arrested on Witness Wednesday at Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, during "Stop the #FERCus", May 2015, part of #BXE Beyond Extreme Energy's ongoing civil disobedience campaign at FERC.

This graphic illustrates one of the most horrific problems
I have found in 4 years researching pipelines:

This is what I call the "API Loophole":

You have to blow this up big to see all the detail.
May not render well on tiny screens:

The American Petroleum Institute is not only Above the Laws of this nation,
they actually WRITE THE REGULATIONS their industry is bound to.
FERC gave away control of this critical definition
to the very industry they are supposed to regulate!

Even Dick Cheney gets a good chuckle over the genius of this!

The shocking thing is:
I have a dozen other examples like this.

People often ask, "Why #BXE?"
Why Beyond Extreme Energy #BXE?

People say, "why resort to Civil Disobedience?
Why blockade a building?"
Isn't that a bit extreme?

ANSWER: This is why.

While 99% of the American People have no idea how bad FERC is,
 those of us who have looked into it realize this may be THE MOST CORRUPT
quasi-governmental organization ever.

FERC is really responsible for killing vast areas of forested land, which we URGENTLY NEED for carbon sequestration.

And PS: A forest should
be allowed to exist: JUST BECAUSE.
A forest is beyond a single living organism, it is a COLONY of living things, 10,000 different species, and millions of individual living things.

The FERC Commissioners are responsible for the slaughter of uncountable living creatures who live in these forests.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission are putting many human lives in grave jeopardy.
Literally, 30 million people at risk--- JUST IN ONE PROJECT!(The Algonquin AIM).
There are decisions being made by FERC
which can only be described as 
"Epic Stupidity"

There is NO CHOICE but to #ShutItDown,

HOPEFULLY, while maintaining the highest standards of conduct
and unshakeable resolve to follow the principles of non-violence.

Bill Huston
Binghamton NY

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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Nancy Kasper said...

Thank you for posting this, Bill. Good work. ~Cuts right to the truth that our gov't no longer serves the people. We need to boot them out and install people of integrity and social conscience