Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tioga Propane Fracking another JLCNY Publicity Stunt?

The JLCNY are famous for baiting the press with publicity stunts which have no basis in fact.
  • Remember they baited the press for a year with a story they were going to sue the DEC for a "takings", when they didn't even have a client?
  • Remember all the recent press about town seceding from NY to join PA?  (If the press did any basic fact checking, they would find that the legal maneuvers necessary for that are like doing a triple lutz while wearing a winged bat-suit, and the town supervisors discussing such are violating their oath of office, perhaps criminally).
So here comes the story: 

Just after NY's ban on HVHF gets cemented into place, a story in all the local media outlets about propane fracking in Tioga.

REAL? Or Publicity Stunt?

Evidence that it is a stunt:

1: There is NO horizontal spacing unit permit app as required by ECL § 23-0501:
Check for yourself:

2: Conflicting reports about the type of permit and date filed.

From the article:

Snyder Farm Group spokesman Kevin "Cub" Frisbie said an application was filed Tuesday with the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

Sorry. Karen Edelstein checked the queue. The permit app was actually filed in MAY and is vertical into Utica.

Go here:

Plug in COUNTY like Tioga and TOWN like Barton
And you will see that it was filed in MAY and for a vertical (not horiz) well. 

Here's the info: (warning, this is a wide table)

View Map the preceeding link opens in a new window N/A
30000  Snyder E 1   Tioga Energy Partners, LLC   Not Listed  App to Drill/Plug/Convert  Utica  Not Applicable  Tioga  Barton  Spencer  H  Not Applicable  6/5/2015  5/19/2015              Application Received or Permit Issued  1  Vertical  7    9530  -76.454102  42.144879  -76.454102  42.144879  9530  9530  0  9530  Stratigraphic  Exempt - not an oil or gas well    No integration order required    6/25/2015

Tuesday was July 7. The DEC's page is normally updated nightly.

3: The E+P company "Tioga Energy Partners, LLC " is a shell (fake?)

Company Name Status Address 1 Address 2 City State Zip Zip2 Phone Fax Operator Plugger Driller Financial Security Provider
Tioga Energy Partners, LLC   P.O. Box 22222     Albany  NY  12201  5184264600  5184260376  Yes  No  No  No 

This is the address for an Albany law firm,
Couch White, LLP, P.O. Box 22222, Albany, New York 12201-2222

"We are outside of the state's ban," Tioga Energy Partners, LLC legal counsel Adam Schultz said. "The state banned high-volume hydraulic fracturing, but that's not what we're doing."

They filed with the Department of State in Dec 2013, but there is no record of them online until now.

Selected Entity Status Information
DOS ID #: 4506550
Initial DOS Filing Date: DECEMBER 30, 2013
County: ALBANY
Jurisdiction: NEW YORK
Current Entity Status: ACTIVE

Selected Entity Address Information DOS Process (Address to which DOS will mail process if accepted on behalf of the entity) COUCH WHITE, LLP
P.O. BOX 22222
ALBANY, NEW YORK, 12201-2222 Registered Agent NONE

4: As Chip Northrup has reported often on the NFW Blog, the one company doing any propane fracking has 2 major accidents in Canada
and declared bankruptcy in Jan 2015:

5: The 1992 O+G GEIS did not contemplate extreme Frankin-tech like fracking with Napalm (gelled propane is essentially napalm... it sticks to your skin while it burns).

This means that this site would either
a) have to go through a site-specific EIS under SEQR (and face a lot of scrutiny), or else
b) the DEC would have to do a revised GEIS for Napalm fracking.... 
After what happened the last 5 years with the GEIS for HVHF, how do you think that's gonna work out?

This smells like another JLCNY publicity stunt.
You would think that the press people would do some basic fact checking?

Chip has even more at NFW:

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
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Mary Sweeney said...

Another possibly relevant bit of info: When I saw that Tioga Energy Partners has been in existence since Dec. 2013, I wondered if they had any other gas/oil wells in NY, so I searched the NYSDEC Oil & Gas wells database. I got one and only one hit--the Snyder E1 stratigraphic well in Barton.