Monday, October 12, 2015

Ray Kemble Fund

Ray Kemble, from Dimock PA, in Harrisburg Oct 2015
to deliver petitions to Governor Wolf to Ban Fracking
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This is an urgent fundraising appeal for my friend Ray Kemble. 

I am trying to raise $300 by Friday, Oct 16th to help keep Ray's electricity turned on.

Please donate in any amount here:

Who is Ray Kemble?

In my opinion, Ray is one of the true heroes of the anti-fracking movement.
  • Ray Kemble is a former gas industry worker from Dimock Pa. Ray knows some of the dirtiest secrets the fracking industry tries to keep secret.
  • He has suffered incredible impacts to his health and quality of life. His well water became contaminated after a frenzy of wells were drilled and fracked within a 3 mile radius of his home. Across the street is a well with a failed casing and an incinerator of some kind dumping toxins into the air 24x7.
  • Ray's incredible story has been featured in several documentaries, including Groundswell Rising and the Gasland films.
Some of the charity work Ray does:
  • When the private water wells at many homes in Susquehanna County PA became contaminated after gas drilling moved in, Ray Kemble and Craig Stevens bought a water truck, installed a large water tank, and started filling it and delivering water to people who had no other help.

  • Ray is the only impacted resident from Dimock PA still standing and speaking out, who hasn't moved away, signed a non-disclosure agreement, or died.
  • Ray has given countless tours and provided water samples to journalists on 5 continents, scientists, farmers, Senators, Members of Parliament, and ordinary citizens from all over the world, to show them what the realities of living in a gas field are.
    Howie Hawkins, Green Party Candidate for NY Governor,
    holds a glass water from Ray Kemble's water well.

  • Ray has traveled to Washington DC, California, Colorado, Texas, Maryland and many other states to tell his story and to help get bans and moratoria on fracking in those states.

Why isn't Ray working?
  • Ray is, or was, a gas industry worker: a mechanic and a truck driver, with a specialty in heavy hauling and rigging.

    When Ray started complaining about unethical and illegal activities he noticed, from inexperienced and untrained workers, to intentional water contamination which put many lives at risk, he was "blackballed". Not fired exactly, but unable to find the kind of work he's been doing for the last 40 years.
  • Also, Ray is still recovering from a disabling accident when his truck was rammed from behind by a gas industry worker.
  • Yet despite this, Ray will go... anywhere, where his story can help other people. Ray is that kinf of a guy. And while *sometimes* (not always), his travel expenses are covered, this does not help pay his mortgage and other living expenses day-to-day.

It is my belief that if it were not for people like Ray Kemble, impacted residents from Pennsylvania speaking out, that we would not have a ban on fracking  in New York

Is that worth $30 bucks? 
If we can get just 10 people to pitch in $30, we can easily meet our goal.

Please if you can, donate in any amount before Friday Oct 16, 2015
to help Ray keep his electricity on.

EASY instructions!

After you click on Donate button, or the link above:

Steps 1-2: Make sure you see the Closed Lock icon, and "" in your address bar. This indicates a secure connection.

Step 3: Verify you see my email address at the top:
(NOTE: We are only using my Paypal acct. as an interim measure. It will take about a week to get Ray's account established. 100% of the funds I receive until Friday Oct 16th 2015, OR marked "Ray Kemble Fund" will go to Ray).

Step 4: Do you see "Ray Kemble Fund"?

Step 5: Enter the one-time donation amount. (Do not check the box).

Step 6: Login only if you have an existing Paypal account. Else, click on the Continue button.

Step 7: Fill out our credit card information, and submit.

Step 8: Done! (Thank you!)

Ray and Mark Ruffalo, Harrisburg, PA (Oct 2015)

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