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A Call for Witnesses & Protectors: NE PA and Central New York

Request for Protectors and Nonviolent Witnesses
Northeast Pennsylvania, Susquehanna County

A Call for:
Witnesses, Protectors and Nonviolent Warriors
NorthEast Pennsylvania
Susquehanna County

From now until April 1st.
(soon to be needed in Central NY p\
I88 Corridor)

1: Holleran Residence
North Harford Maple Farm
2131 Three Lakes Road,
New Milford, PA
GPS: 41.827, -75.758

2: Solar Residence
39 Hall Rd
New Milford, PA
GPS: 41.877, -75.667

  • 2x attached maps,
  • press release from Energy Justice Network,
  • a plea from an impacted landowner
  • a plea from Bill Huston to save 100,000 trees in NE PA

From an impacted landowner:

FYI, Constitution Pipeline tree cutting is due to begin tomorrow in PA only, not New York. You are invited to join the Holleran family and North Harford Maple in defense of their maple sugarbush that is in the right of way and due to be cut down in New Milford Township, Susquehanna County! See below for details of how you can help from now until March 31st, the tree cutting deadline according to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act! The best way to reach us is by phone (not e-mail):

Megan Holleran

Alex Lotorto

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Megan Holleran <>
Date: Sat, Jan 30, 2016 at 12:30 AM
Subject: NCPMG PA Tree Clearing Call To Action

Hey everyone,

So, as a result of the partial notice to proceed being granted for PA only, we're gearing up down here to deal with potential tree clearing as early as tomorrow morning. 

We don't know where the cutting will start, but are going to focus on my family's property and maple syrup operation for now. We plan to be present on the property to deter/distract the tree cutting crews starting at 7 am every day until dusk, in shifts. 

We have signed a landowner permission form for people to be on our property and as of now have no immediate plans for any illegal actions as a group. Alex has prepared a Cease and Desist Order (attached), which has been served via the FERC docket, which we hope will help to deter any cutting activities for at least a few days until the attorneys communicate with each other.

If anyone would like to come down and help out, you can contact me at 570-709-3268 for additional information and directions. We will be there at 7AM until at least noon every day until March 31st. The property is located at 2131 Three Lakes Road, New Milford, PA. coordinates: 41.8272387, -75.7585062 

For anyone who's willing to make the drive I can potentially provide a place to stay, a home cooked meal, and free maple candy!

Things you can do:
- Sign up for a volunteer shift (video, photos, monitors, tactical, medics, etc) by calling or texting me at 570-709-3268 with 1) your name, 2) your preferred role(s) 3) time and date you plan to arrive/stay. Shifts are available 7AM-Noon, Noon-4:30 all days.

- Share this information with groups and friends.

- DONATE: Energy Justice Network is accepting donations on behalf of anti-Constitution Pipeline campaigners to support materials costs for resisting the pipeline, 1) go to , 2) make your donation, and 3) (until we have an official donation page) call 215-743-4884 to leave a message with your NAME and that your donation is for the CONSTITUTION PIPELINE FIGHT.

- BUY SYRUP: North Harford Maple, which produces maple syrup from trees in the Constitution Pipeline right of way, have syrup for sale at the above coordinates. If you would like to buy some during your visit, your purchase will help benefit our efforts to oppose the pipeline/offset costs.
More on the North Harford Maple and the Hollerans:

Bill Huston's rant and cry for help to protect 100,000 trees in NE PA:
Please share this on Facebook:
While WSKG Public TV & Radio​ is promoting their latest content-free Ken Burns type documentary called "Harvest", meanwhile our region is under siege.

Everything we cherish is under grave threat.
Our clean air. Our clean water. Our quiet, rural way of life. Our forests, and every living thing in the forest. Our foodshed. Our property rights. Our DEMOCRACY.

That's IT, friends.
That's the proverbial "Farm".

Here is a comment I left on WSKG's Facebook Page:

NY is now under an industrial assault, an invasion, and occupation, a threat of mass destruction of biomass. Are you interested in that?

Because that could use your attention. There are several active fronts now with
There are active NVDA / Civil Disobedience / Nonviolent Resistance campaigns in
  • We Are Seneca Lake​, nearing 500 arrests since Oct'14.
  • Orange County NY (Protect Orange County​/ Minisink Matters​) fighting the MONSTER Fracked-Gas power plant CPV-Valley,
  • in Westchester County (Resist AIM Pipeline​).
  • We are preparing a ground-based resistance now in Central NY
  • (Occupy the Constitution Pipeline Route​).

This is Civil War going on in New York now. This is no joke. This is not a drill.

Our leaders are 100% committed to nonviolence. But I will tell you also there are a lot of pissed off landowners, and some own guns. We have trainers coming in to the area teaching Gandhi's methods. (Arun Gandhi​ please be aware of what is happening here) but this is not a stable situation. We have New York Attorney General​ Eric T. Schneiderman​ on our side, but a lawsuit will not stop the destruction of 500,000 trees. 

We are asking for Governor Andrew Cuomo​'s help to send in the New York Army National Guard​ and the New York State Police​ to PROTECT US! Protect property rights, uphold the law, and protect our forests and clean water. We are asking WSKG, WBNG-TV Action News​, / Press & Sun-Bulletin​, WIVT/WBGH NewsChannel 34​, YNN-Southern Tier​, News Radio 1290 WNBF​, FOX 40 News WICZ-TV​ and other media outlets to cover the reality of what is happening here.

The FERC process has been a joke. The Natural Gas Act was not followed because the Williams Central Station, a necessary component, was not scoped as part of the project's environmental review and built WITHOUT A CERTIFICATE OF PUBLIC CONVENIENCE and NECESSITY due to a legal loophole written by the American Petroleum Institute​ (API-RP80). The safety and compliance record of Williams Companies​ and Cabot Oil & Gas​ has not been scrutinized as required by the Natural Gas Act, which demands "otherwise such application shall be denied." 15 USC 717f(e). Federal Energy Regulatory Commission​ issues dubious "Conditional Certificates" before the environmental review is complete, and allows properties to be condemned before the suitability of the project has been determed, THEN logjams the administrative appeal with illegal "Tolling Orders". There are COUNTLESS ways the TREASONOUS FERC has allowed the laws of our land to be SUBVERTED. These are HIGH CRIMES which President Obama​ is permitting to occur.

Tree clearing for the "Constitution Pipeline" is scheduled to start TOMORROW Saturday Jan 30 2016. Protectors will be in Susquehanna County to try to prevent this crime against nature and the people. 

Again: Our leaders are 100% committed to non-violence. But this is a DECLARATION OF WAR. We will protect this land. President Obama, Dear Governor Cuomo​: Please help us save our clean air and water.

Thank you.

Attached is a map showing where 100,000 trees are scheduled to be clearcut,
a scar about 20 miles, 100'ft wide which will never heal, if we permit it.

Frontline Defenders will be asked to attend nonviolence training.
  • Please bring warm clothes,
  • camping and hiking equipment (boots!)
  • Cameras, CB radios.

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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