Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fri/Sat/Sun: Urgent call for support: Hollerans New Milford PA

Bodies needed!
(yours :)

I have just received a call from Craig Stevens asking for a big rally of support for the Zeffer/Holleran Maple forest starting on Friday.

WHEN: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
WHY: Hollerans ordered into Federal Court Fri afternoon facing contempt charge.
WHERE: 2131 Three Lakes Rd, New Milford PA (Susquehanna County)

I have received a copy of the "order to show cause", and will send it to you upon request:

In their latest assault on private property rights, and the right of free assembly, Williams Partners + Cabot Oil and Gas, d/b/a "Constitution Pipeline Company" is making the rather strange argument that people standing on private property, NOT EVEN inside the pipeline right-of-way, is interfering with their attempt to cut trees.

Keep in mind that this pipeline HAS NOT received approval from the NYS DEC or the US Army Corps of Engineers.

Meanwhile, numerous violations of Federal Law, including the Natural Gas Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, and the actual US Constitution, are being litigated in the federal courts now by several big environmental NGOs. Yet the tree cutting continues.

Craig, Vera Scroggins, and I, as well as the property owners themselves feel the best defense now is a strong show of support.

Please come to New Milford if you can Fri-Sun, Feb 19-21.

Environmental and property rights activists from at least 7 states have already visited the property over the last 2+ weeks.

Maps, address, phone numbers:

Official communications at this Facebook event page:

Thanks! Please share on NE US regional lists, esp. NY and PA, inc.

* Pipeline Fighters
* Environmental Lists
* Green Party lists
* Property Rights groups
* Social Justice
* Anti-war Anti-Occupation

This group is 100% committed to peace / non-violence. Please DO NOT bring weapons!

Bill Huston

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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