Monday, March 7, 2016

new LPG export facility in Gloucester Co NJ

Some relevant screengrabs.

I have been tracking the redevelopment of the former Dupont gunpowder plant in Paulsboro, Gloucester Co., NJ for about a year.

It struck me as odd and suspicious because the plans of the new owners, Fortress Investment Group, were shrouded in secrecy:

The massive 1,800 acre site is directly across the Delaware River from the Philly Int'l airport, and had been owned by BP and used as a storage "tank farm" for decades, before being abandonded, contaminated, about 10 years ago.

The answer comes in today's Marcellus Drilling News. It is to be an LPG export facility as an alternative to the ones now on the Gulf Coast. (paywall) (free)

What is curious is that this is to be LPG-by-Rail. In my opinion, the most likely source is the terminal in Selkirk NY, the end of the Enterprise TEPPCO pipeline, which connects to an existing storage facility in Reading, across Rt-14 from the Crestwood in Schuyler Co. Another would be Marcus Hook.

So this project is very much connected to Seneca Lake, where Crestwood wants to store 88 million gallons of LPG.

The Open Season announcement is for 75,000 bbls/day. Since one DOT-111 tanker car holds about 700 bbls, and since a unit trains is about 100 cars, thus is about 1 LPG bomb train/day heading from Selkirk to S. Jersey.


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