Thursday, June 23, 2016

FOIL response / NYSDEC / i3 Electronics Endicott SPDES permit / Landfill Leachate Dumping Susquehanna River

For those who are interested in Clean Water
in Broome County NY and downstream:
Here are documents obtained via FOIL from NYS DEC 
regarding the "legal" dumping of
80,000 gallons per day / 1.7 Million gallons per month 

of toxic landfill leachate into the Susquehanna River at Endicott. 

DEC FOIL'd documents are here.


LATEST NEWS: We have heard from NYSDEC that this will be "public noticed" from Region 7 near the end of June, and there will follow a 30 day comment period. This is not much time. If you can, please look over these documents to assist your knowledge. We need people to make testimony OPPOSING this permit application.

We've just heard that NY State Assembly member Donna Lupardo is joining members of the Western Broome Stakeholders Coalition, NY Friends of Clean Air and Water, and the local chapter of the Sierra Club in asking DEC for a PUBLIC HEARING on this SPDES permit.

Please follow WBESC or NY Friends of Clean Air and Water facebook page for updates.

Please share on any list which may be interested in Clean Water in Broome County and points south.

Click Here for DEC FOIL'd documents
(i3 Electronics SPDES Permit Application)

(this is what you are looking for)


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